What is the history of Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany china

what is the history of Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany china

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Johann Haviland was said to be the name of David Haviland’s grandson. As with David who allied with a manufacturer of porcelain for American trade, it was also Johann’s plan to market this to the US market. Johann started his own company in Bavaria, Germany in 1907. However, he went out of business in 1924. An Italian company bought this company and by 1933 passed it own to Rosenthal conglomerate who purchase it from them.

Quantities of these inexpensive dishes were sold at PXs in Germany after World War 2 that American soldiers send these to their family back at home. Several patterns were sold as premiums in various groceries. Premiums are promo pieces that when you buy certain amount of grocery you can exchange these for Johann Haviland dishes.

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