Value of this 1957 Star note $1 silver note

What is the value of this 1957 Star note $1 silver certificate Priest and Anderson series (1619)

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Hi Lauralizzy 😊

Star notes from 1957 $1 are quite very common. Even 1957 A and B series and the standard 1957 have the same value in different conditions. One can say that these are too many to be rare and valuable to a collector. In this case, scarcity can help to increaase the bills value. 1957 Star notes has a feature where there is a blue star with a hole on it followed by the eight serial numbers.

Here are the values per condition whether it is a Star Note or Not

Circulated condition- from $1.99 to $3

Uncirculated Consecutive number of 2- $5 each

PMG 66 EPQ graded- $32

Star note PMG 66 Gem condition- $25

Star notes in average condition sell for $3

Star notes in 100 consecutive run and in uncirculated condition- $10 each

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