Value for Adderley Bone China

I'd like to know how to find the value of a set of Adderley Bone China in a lilac willow pattern.

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3 years ago #2
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Willow Lilac? This is all new to me, I have seen the pattern in blue and white but not in Lilac.

I can't find anything online like it either. An estimated value for the old willow (blue and white) if compared to your set ranges from $300 - $500.

Looks like a very rare pattern and I will suggest you do some more research.

1 month ago #3
Margaret Thokar

Did you ever get an answer! I’ve been trying to collect this pattern and recently found out that the pattern was from the mid century (1950s) so not as old as I originally thought.

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1 month ago #4
Marra M
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Hi there Margaret 😊

The marks was used in 1947 when Adderleys Ltd were taken over by Ridgway Potteries Ltd and the name Adderley was continued to be use. After the take over the date 1789 was used which confirms just what you said.

As for the pattern, you can try to look from this link, where I found the closest resemblance.

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