Paul’s Products And Paul’s Gifts, Germany


The Edward P. Paul & Co. was a New York sales agent claiming to have been founded in 1898. Business concentrated on reselling many different items under the trademarks Paul’s Products and later Paul’s Gifts like ash trays, candy boxes, cigarette boxes, table lamps and even cheap perfume.

Those items were not purchased directly at the producers/manufacturers, but via the spot market, meaning that they were pretty often rejected/returned goods or parts of left-over batches. As a consequence, the company never had a solid product range and had to rely on what the market offered. Items were mainly purchased in the US, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The company bumped into legal issues during WW2 for false claims of origin (please see As far as I know they continued for a few years following WW2 as there are a few items from Germany that carry the “US ZONE” addition, which was used between 1946 and 1949.

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  • Vale: It doesn’t seem like a good business plan :) I saw that the name is now used by a lighting company in NJ.

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