Johann Haviland “Modell” By Raymond Loewy China Set

Credit for this post goes to FS.


‘Modell’ is no pattern or mold description but belongs into context as “Modell Raymond Loewy”, which stands for ‘design(ed) by Raymond Loewy’.

As so often with German porcelain, the pattern is not ‘named’ but only numbered. In this case, the maker pattern ID is “W882″. This is the original and unique pattern identifier (other Loewy designs for example included patterns W885 and W863).

Hold in mind that pattern ‘names’ were often invented by importers/distributors as German factories did not issue them for various reasons.

Therefore, pattern ‘names’ may vary between target markets (e.g. UK, Canada, US West or East, Australia, etc.) whereas the original manufacturer pattern ID does not. In short, pattern names in context with German china are often completely useless. Don’t waste your time chasing shadows.


I never comment on value but might add that a set may bear most of its weight from the fact that it was designed by Raymond Loewy. At the time the factory of Johann Haviland actually was a Rosenthal company and the overwhelming success behind such designer-based series were the reason for the later introduced Rosenthal Studio Line product range.

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