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America's Other Money by yardbird
Most of you are probably familiar with at least some of the many different issues of U.S coinage and currency from its beginning to the present. However, not so long ago there existed in America another payment system. This blog intends to give just ...
Shaving mugs by Marra M
In the past, shaving was not as easy task, those who shaved needed hot water. So, they needed to first pump the water from a well, then chop wood to burn so they could heat the water on the stove. After that, they needed to carry the hot water to ...

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Hi there :) I found a similar question and here is a link to it ...
by Marra M - 9 minutes ago
OK Elleuk :) Looking forward to your photos. Don't forget to include the close up photos of the marks. How many pieces do you own in total? Best regards!
by Marra M - 23 minutes ago
I believe this blog post might be of help: https://www.artifactcollectors.com/how-to-tell-if-it-is-a-real-painting-or-a-lithograph-536.html
by jade - 2 hours ago
Was given the piece shown in pictured n would love to know about it https://www.artifactcollectors.com/images/fbfiles/images
by Flipper - 4 hours ago
I have Audubon stamps from 1951 Attached header says AUDUBON CENTENNIAL STAMPS. They are in observance of the passing of Audubon in 1851. There is a ballot to vote “for your favorite” ...
by Guest - 8 hours ago
Need help identifying this mark. Thanks. EB iron cross. 1916 and a very faint A. https://www.artifactcollectors.com/images/
by Guest - 9 hours ago
I have a underwriter laboratories Inc electric fixture issue no. C222,325 I'm asking for the value
by Guest - 10 hours ago

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