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Is my china dishwasher safe? by FriedrichS
Signs that your china is NOT dishwasher safe: If it has a silver/platinum or gold trim, then it is generally not dishwasher safe, no matter how old. If it's older than 1970: not dishwasher safe, no matter what. If it's from the 1970s until ...
America's Other Money by yardbird
Most of you are probably familiar with at least some of the many different issues of U.S coinage and currency from its beginning to the present. However, not so long ago there existed in America another payment system. This blog intends to give just ...
Shaving mugs by Marra M

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Somebody is currently offering one on Ebay for 57 Euros Buy It Now. that is what they are asking of course not necessarily what some-one will pay. The best thing you can do is to look at ...
by Pannonia - 2 hours ago
Oh, I did! And got one. But dang, it was the statue I was looking forward to!
by Mary P - 2 hours ago
in 36mm of victory medal of civilisation, how much does it weigh and how much does it cost?
by Guest - 3 hours ago
ty for the information,i was also wondering what the date meant 11 45 1? i also have some that say 11 45 4,ty for response
by china - 3 hours ago
how big is the bill and is it same color both side?its the one with madison picture on and is B series
by carl - 3 hours ago
how many weight does the gold medal of civilization between 1914 and 1919 have?
by Guest - 3 hours ago
Hi :) If you are buying this from a rich clientele base website like 1st Dibs the price would be higher as compared when you purchase this from a standard online seller or auction site. By ...
by Marra M - 4 hours ago

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