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America's Other Money by yardbird
Most of you are probably familiar with at least some of the many different issues of U.S coinage and currency from its beginning to the present. However, not so long ago there existed in America another payment system. This blog intends to give just ...
Shaving mugs by Marra M
In the past, shaving was not as easy task, those who shaved needed hot water. So, they needed to first pump the water from a well, then chop wood to burn so they could heat the water on the stove. After that, they needed to carry the hot water ...

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I most definitely will share. Have a great weekend.
by Jewel - 4 minutes ago
Hi Carol :) You can ask your Mom why she is saving it. It could be for sentimental reasons or she was made believe that it was valuable.
by Marra M - 7 minutes ago
Hi there Kathy :) Current average selling price for the entire 8 piece set is from $80 to $100. Harmony House Silver Sonata pattern is not one of the dishes that manage to increase in ...
by Marra M - 17 minutes ago
Hi Roger :) I try to answer questions whenever I have Sign In. Most of the numbers that you are referring to are used for inventory purpose. It is more of gold plated numbers and ...
by Marra M - 32 minutes ago
Hi Momplus4 :) The earliest date referrred to as 1940s which means it is not 100 years old.
by Marra M - 46 minutes ago
Hi :) National Brotherhood Operative Potters is a union affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. This was once referred to as ...
by Marra M - 1 hour ago
Hi Margarita :) As I have mentioned, these were printed by the billions. These may be old but not that rare. The value will depend on its condition Worn out condition- $5 Circulated ...
by Marra M - 1 hour ago

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