Why Did Mayans Wear Masks?

Mask -- 3/6/09Creative Commons License courtesy of NCReedplayer

Mayans existed from 1000 BC to AD 1697. No one clearly knows why their ancient civilization was wiped out. Descendants of the Mayans still live in Guatemala and parts of Southern Mexico, Belize, and Northern Honduras and El Salvador.

It is well known that the Mayans, who used no metal tools, were able to create art from very dense materials such as jade. The most sacred of ritualistic masks were made out of jade and delicate forms of mosaics.

Connection to the Spiritual World

Most of the Mayan masks were symbols of their gods. Some masks were used for ceremonies, such as those worn by the Shaman. Many Shamans wore four kinds of mask, but others wore eight of them. Each of these masks represented a spirit. The masks may be human in form, but the design is attributed to personal spirits such as sharks, etc. Thus, the masks were a physical method of representing the spirit world.

Intimidate Enemies

It is also clear that many of these masks were used to intimidate their enemies, like those that have faces that look like snakes and similar kinds of animals. Those who believed in the powers of this mask because of its “spirit”, believed that it protected the wearer through spiritual power.

Ceremonies and Festivals

Masks were also used for wedding ceremonies and for other festivities - just like present-day masquerade ballroom events.

When Christianity was introduced to the Mayan world by the Spanish conquistadors, the Mayans merged the Christian beliefs with their own pagan traditions. Consequently, Mayan towns today are represented by different Christian saints. In many towns, on the day of the saint, several of the villagers will perform a masked dance. Some men will wear masks with pink faces and dark mustaches (the Spanish conquistadors) while others will wear dark-faced masks (the Mayans) and occasionally, a monkey and a fair-haired woman will be thrown into the mix for fun.

For more information, I would like to refer you to a website that posts Mayan masks and other artwork: Galeria Contici.

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  • Vale: When we were talking about collections - I forgot to mention, I actually have a mask collection! How much does an average authentic Mayan mask cost?
  • Marra M: The price for the Mayan masks depends on what kind of mask it is and how rare it is. On eBay it sells from $59.95 to $540.
    On Masks Novica here are the prices for different types of Mayan masks:
    Mayan Nobleman $49.99
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    If you want you can look at the rest of the Mayan mask that they sell or send them an email inquiry regarding your collection and its value.
  • Vale: Thanks for the info!
  • Marra M: Your welcome.
  • Julie: Which Direction should the Mayan Mask be facing? East?
  • Marra M: Hi Julie :)
    Some of these masks are worn facing where the sun rises from the Caribbean in the East.
  • Julie: Thank you, we weren’t sure where to hang it.
  • Marra M: Your welcome :)
  • Chelsea: Who wore the Mayan masks ???
  • Marra M: Hi Chelsea :)
    That’s a good question. Masks are worn by warriors during battle. This is because they believe that the mask resemble their ancestors and other ancient spirits. Mayans were said to think that these masks possesses certain powers.
    Mask were also use when its time to tell a story about ancient spirits and during celebrations of important life events such as a wedding. Masks were also worn by them when they are buried because they would believe that it would help the spirits identify them.
  • Chelsea: Thank you so much how do u know all these facts ur the best 💝💋
  • Marra M: Your welcome Chelsea, its because I love reading and searching for answers. I guess you can call me Lady Curious :) Haha
  • Brandon Gordon: why did they put the mayan masks in museums
  • Marra M: Hi Brandon
    It is a good way of preserving it for present and future generations to enjoy. When people visit the museum they get the chance to learn about what Mayan culture is all about.
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  • shirley: how many Mayan masks would they make in one year?
  • Marra M: @Shirley, Since these were not mass produce there is not statistics available for the number of mask made per year.
  • christian: the total mask they would make is about 490 mask’s
  • Marra M: @Christian, can you share where you got these figures?
  • christian: @ marra how i got those figures from reading books and reasch
  • Marra M: @Christian, what I mean is, can you share the links for that research or the specific book? It could help anybody who is interested in the Mayan culture and particularly the Mayan Mask.
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