What Serial Numbers Can Make A Bill More Valuable?

Are you trying to find out if your dollars are collectible and have a higher than average value? Take a look at the serial number! Collectors are usually willing to pay extra for bills with one of the following:

Low Serial Numbers - Any serial numbers that are under 100 will often have double the value, and, in some cases, even more than the same bill in the same condition with a higher serial number. For example, a bill with the serial number 00000002.

High Serial Numbers - These are often more difficult to find. Bills that have 99999995, and similarly high serial numbers, will be more coveted by some collectors.

Star Notes - Although officially these are referred to as replacement notes, collectors call these star notes or star bills.

Ladders - These are notes that have ascending or descending serial numbers (23456789, 87654321). There is another type of ladder note that contains both the ascending and descending numbers in the same note (23459876).

Solids - These bills have serial numbers that are all the same. For example, 33333333.

Repeaters - As the name implies, bills with this type of serial number have a set of repeating numbers, like 47544754.

Binary notes - Binary notes are ones that contain only two numbers, like 45455454. Collectors who are also computer enthusiasts will go for bills that have just zeros and ones, like 00011001

Radar Notes - A radar note has the same serial number when read backwards and forwards. For example, 12344321.

Doubles - This serial number type has number pairs within the serial number of the bill, like 55331155.

Birthdays or Special Events in a Person’s Life - Of course, there are some collectors who go for notes that celebrate the most important dates in their life. For example, a person who was born in 1980 would like to collect a note that has the year 1980 inside the serial number. However, such collectors often prefer that the date be surrounded by zeros on each side.

For further reading, and some examples of the different collector values, here is an interesting article: Fancy Serial Numbers Can Mean Big Bucks

Image of a 1934 20 dollar bill with the serial number C00000001A from papermoneyauction.com

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  • Vale: Wow, I never realized that the serial number played a part in how valuable a bill could be! I looked up a few and saw that some of the bills with these special serial numbers are going for thousands of dollars!!
  • Marra M: Yes Vale, I was equally surprise when I was doing the research for this.
  • Suzanne Morris: I have a 20 dollar bill that is missing the seal behind where the word twenty is spell out. How much is it worth?.
  • Marra M: Hi Suzanne,
    Questions like that are generally posted on another category. Please follow this link
    http://www.artifactcollectors.com/coins-medals/ Please don’t forget to attach clear close up photos of the said dollar both sides please (obverse and reverse).
  • John: Where can I find out if the serial numbers I have are valuable
  • Marra M: @John, please read each of the entries above it states what kind of serial numbers give an additional value to these dollar bills.
  • Barry: I have a one dollar TRINARY note in excellent condition ... no rips, tears, stains nor wrinkles ... the serial number reads : K 11161441 E. Please let me know if you are interested in buying it. or who I might be able to sell it to locally in my area. Thanks
  • Marra M: @Barry, If you wish to post your dollar, please use this link
    Don’t forget to add clear photos since buyers like to see what they are buying. You can also register for an account (which is free) so that visitors who are interested can contact you privately.
  • Maria Capeles: Thank you so much for the information about my bill . I have coins I will send pictures . Thanks again , you have been very helpful.
  • Marra M: @Maria :) Your welcome. I think I saw your other posts.

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