what is the value of a 1839 Republic of Texas 100 dollar c-n...

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what is the value of a 1839 Republic of Texas 100 dollar c-note?

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The $100 Currency Note has special engraving which identifies the unique printings of Texas. you will find that in each of the four corners of the note, that the number 100 is printed. On the right side of the note there is an engraving of a ship sailing and on the left side a train hauling what appears to be coal which was, back in those days, typical of the way things moved in their modern worlds. The value can be determined once it has been graded as F-10 or whatever grading symbol/level is assigned to it. At the bottom of the page is a picture of one.

Normally, in order to validate authenticity, you would want to have the bill graded by a Currency grading company. The one I prefer is PCGS. They are located in california. Here is their contact information http://www.pcgs.com/customerservice.chtml

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i have the republic of texas 100 doller bill 1839 #154 and the government of texas 20 doller bill 1838 #569 and confederate states of america 20 doller bill 1864 #3450? and the republic of texas 5 doller bill 1842 #1349 and the government of texas 10 doller bill 1838 #1385 and the republic of texas 3 doller bill 1841 #2044

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1838 Government of Texas $10 bill Smith/Lamar is worth $500 plus in CC Fine condition with low serial number. For 1841 $3 bill Republic of Texas the worth is $500 plus in CC, F condition. You may want to ask your local dealer for grading for better appraisal.

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I have an 1839'100$ republic of texas paper money #154how much is it worth

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jefferson Bracken

how much do you think the 100$ is?

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