what is the gold value in the 22k gold stamps of the Golden ...

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22k stamp

what is the gold value in the 22k gold stamps of the Golden Replicas of United States Stamps?

what is approximate weight of gold in each stamp?

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There is no 'gold value' in replicas. Many contain alloys or look-alikes and even real gold used is not of the appropriate quality for direct resale. And as the 'gold' is steamed onto the carrier it merely results in a layer of molecular thickness (for comparison: even 24k gold leaf is 0,007 millimeter thick).

From a few tons of real gold replicas processed one would only receive quite a lot of toxic waste, an incredibly high energy bill and a meager few gramms of gold which then would still have to be purified. Read as: financial fiasco.

Taking into account the actual gold price it's easier to invest in cell phones for recycling as the minor traces of rare materials involved there are by far more interesting. 40-42 cell phones for example contain as much pure gold as could normally be extracted from a whole ton of gold ore. But they also contain silver, copper, aluminium and of course palladium (next to other things).

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So in other words, people like our grand and great grand parents were deceived back then HUH!!!!!! jUST AS THE WORLD TURNS TODAY. its a freaking shame! just plan ole "THEFT BY DECEPTION"

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NOT TRUE - HONESTLY LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE YOU AND I OR WHO EVER ENJOYED BUYING AND HAVING GOLD STAMPS WITH THE IMAGE OF WHO EVR - EXAMPLE BASEBALL PLAYER TO SUPERMAN and thats were the real joy comes into play -a reinvest of ones cash thats different but you must honestly look at the picture correctly and once this is done you will no longer feel cheated...as you have a great looking gold color stamp collection ...i do and love having these SUPERMAN STAMPS some were50 years from now they will have value for one reason SUPPLY and DEMAND .....my kids or their kids will have and maybe resell....my life will be ended but not theirs ..enjoy what is and be happy -its just good CARMA ...and good ATTITUDE ...makes better thoughts ....but what the hell do i know - <email>

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Rick F

So I guess I was screwed; got 86 of these useless stamps and :madoorer for the effort

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Queen Colleen

Yup me too, and I bought the wildlife ones as well..28yrs ago and at the price of $45.00 for 3 of them.. today not worth spit..

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From what I can tell they are worth $1.00 to $3.50 addressed and up to $6.50 unaddressed. I got 153 stamps for $100. Not a great deal but, I like them and will give them to my sons. They will have them for about 50 years and try to sell them. Maybe worth $2.00 by then. Fun to collect, look at and talk about. Not worth trying to recover any gold off them.

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