What is the brand on of this china?

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I have this tea set and was looking to get a replacement sugar bowl. it was my great grandmothers so it is from the late 1800's early 1900's if you can let me know that would be GREAT!

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ohayo gozaimas =^..^=

hai, mark (your picture is mirrored by the way) is that of the Tashiro Shoten Ltd from the town of Nagoya. Company short info and further marks can be found over on gotheborg.com, simply take a look on this (long) page http://www.gotheborg.com/marks/index_jap_marks.htm and scroll down to (or search for) Tashiro Shoten Ltd, Nagoya. Knowing the manufacturer helps you determine possible sources for replacements, you could also check out replacements.com if they have something listed - not to purchase but simply as to find out if it is a 'named' set or only runs under an item/order number.

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