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What are gold replica stamps worth?
What are gold replica stamps worth? Here are some quotes from other members here about these golden replica stamps Haleiwahi wrote: There is no collectors value in replica stamps. There is not ...
by Marra M
Why Did Mayans Wear Masks?
Mask -- 3/6/09
Mayans existed from 1000 BC to AD 1697. No one clearly knows why their ancient civilization was wiped out. Descendants of the Mayans still live in Guatemala and parts of Southern Mexico, Belize, ...
by Marra M
What is the value of a red seal two dollar bill?
What is your red seal two dollar bill worth? Depends on the year, the serial number, and the condition... Red seal two dollar bills have three different dates: 1928, 1953, 1963. On the 1928 ...
by Vale
Epiag porcelain from Czechoslovakia
Credit for this post goes to Cap. "EPIAG" is not a manufacturer, but the name of an association of various Altrohlau porcelain companies. Each company had their own variation of the mark, ...
by Vale
How much is a $100 V. Carranza coin worth?
History of the coin These coins are usually made of aluminum bronze alloy and weigh 11.8 grams and measure 26.63 millimeters in diameter. These coins were issued from 1984 until 1992. As of ...
by Marra M
Collectible porcelain: Geisha Lithophane cups
History of Geisha Lithophane Cups These lovely Geisha lithophane cups were first created in the late 1800s and production continued until the 1950s. The cups are thin and the photo found at ...
by Marra M
How to Tell If Ivory is Real or Fake
Modern Scrimshaw
Here are some tips on how to detect genuine ivory: Check the weight: Real ivory weighs more than most bones and plastic fakes Feel the texture: Ivory is very smooth Use magnifying glass ...
by Marra M
Collectible porcelain: Jean Pouyat
History of Jean Pouyat Porcelain Here’s a little story about the Pouyat Family of France. Pierre Pouyat was responsible for establishing a faience manufacturing company at Saint Yriex in ...
by Marra M
How much is a $1 silver certificate worth?
1957B $1 silver certificate. Image posted by a guest $1 Silver Certificates, also called Blue Seal Certificates, were first issued in 1886. However, bills printed before 1928 were larger than ...
by Marra M
A few facts about Marbro Lamp Company
Marbro Brass Lamp
Marbro Lamp Co. was founded by Morris Markoff and his brother - the name of the company is actually a combination of their names. The company was started in Los Angeles, California right after World ...
by Marra M
Real or Fake: Credit Suisse Gold Bars
So, you recently inherited, discovered, bought Credit Suisse gold bars, and now you want to know if they are real... 1. Does it come with certification? If so, that would help determine the ...
by Marra M
National Potteries Corporation (Napco)
National Potteries Corporation, also known as the shortened version, 'Napco' (I am sure you must have heard about "Napco Fine China", "Napcoware" or "Napco China") was located in Bedford, Ohio. The ...
by marveldcollector
What is the difference between R S Prussia porcelain plates and Royal Rudolstadt
According to Kovels Rudolstadt was a faience factory in Thuringia, Germany from 1720 to 1791. From 1887 till 1918 New York and Rudolstadt Pottery collaborated to produce decorated porcelain ...
by Marra M
"The Gay Philosopher" created by Henry Major
Who is the character in the painting? The character in the above painting looked very familiar to me so I did some digging. The character is "The Gay Philosopher" created by Henry Major ...
by Norml99
F.B. Rogers Silver Company
F.B. Rogers Silver Company was a silversmith company based in Shelburne, Massachusetts and founded in 1883. This company was founded by Edmund Porter and LB West, who moved the manufacturing ...
by Marra M
Real or Fake: Sevres porcelain
An 'S' with the interlocking 'L's' is the official Sevres porcelain mark. However, this mark is commonly known for being imitated and, therefore, it is hard to know the difference between authentic ...
by Marra M
Chevron Cars Collectors
chevron cars
Jan Marlyn Reesman Who said toy cars are just for kids? not the Chevron Cars Collectors. The Chevron Cars are part of an advertising campaign of the Chevron Corporation consisting of television ...
by Ruth
Real or Fake: 1804 silver dollar
1804 SILVER DOLLAR FAKE vs GENUINE COMPARISON. There are all levels of counterfeiting - from the very obvious (as in this case) to the very convincing that even trained experts would have ...
by Norml99
How much is a 1957 One Dollar Bill (Blue Seal) Worth?
1 dollar blue seal1.jpg
While the blue seal may seem to make this dollar bill unique, it doesn't. Millions of these 1957 blue seal dollars were printed and, depending on the condition, their value ranges from face value ...
by Vale
Hummel knockoffs by Erich Stauffer and Arnart Creations
There are many porcelain figurines, such as the one pictured above, that are not real Hummels but are actually knockoffs by Arnart Creations. These figurines were made in Japan and were designed by ...
by Marra M
Where is the Best Place to Sell China Dishes?
Anyone who wants to sell their china is, of course, going to want to get the highest possible value for their used china or heirloom china with the least amount of hassle. Where to advertise your ...
by Marra M
Accurate Casting Company
Credit for this post goes to brockjordan. Here is some authentic information on anything that has a stamp in the metal ACC. ACC, or Accurate Casting Company was in Long Island City until the late ...
by Vale
How much is a lady liberty silver dollar coin worth?
Image posted by Albert Lopez 1921 Lady Liberty Silver dollar There were 2 designs struck in 1921; and then from 1921-1935 missing a few years. The much more common variety does NOT have the word ...
by Haleiwahi
How to tell if it is a real Bennett painting
Frank Moss Bennett's "Pride of Capture" piece; posted by FelixR. Here are some tips on how to know if it’s a real painting or not: Note: You have to find a way to remove the canvas from the ...
by Marra M
1937 3 legged buffalo nickel
The 1937 D 3-Legged Buffalo coin would be an interesting addition to anyone's coin collection. What is the 3-legged buffalo coin and why was it produced? This was actually an honest to goodness ...
by Marra M
Johann Haviland "Modell" by Raymond Loewy china set
Credit for this post goes to FS. 'Modell' is no pattern or mold description but belongs into context as "Modell Raymond Loewy", which stands for 'design(ed) by Raymond Loewy'. As so often with ...
by Vale
Bordallo Pinheiro pottery
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro was a pacesetter and he is sometimes considered to be the "father of pottery". However, Rafael was not only known for his sculptures and ceramic designs, but also for his ...
by marveldcollector
1804 Dollar Coin Price
An 1804 silver dollar - or bowed liberty dollar - is an extremely rare United States coin. Despite the name, it was actually produced by the US government in 1834 as a diplomatic gift using ...
by Marra M
The artist Burnett
Many people come on asking about their Burnett painting, however, there is actually more than one Burnett artist, and one of them may not even be a real person! The artists ...
by Vale
Do you have a real FM Bennet painting?
Credit for this post goes to lisnamoyle. F M Bennett is a British Listed Artist. Bennett was born in 1874 and died in 1953. Any originals of his own works are extremely rare on the open market. ...
by Vale
How to help us identify your artifact?
The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words “is no truer than in helping to identify your prized antique.The abundance of questions on this site that do not go answered can be ...
by jade
How to clean an oil painting at home
Cotton buds (2 of 2)
I suggest getting an expert to do the cleaning as oil paintings are very sensitive media, but, if you choose to do it yourself, here are two DIY methods: 1. Use a cotton swab and saliva. It can ...
by marveldcollector
How to date a bat hurricane lamps
bat lamp.jpg
photo by Guest The manufacturer of hurricane lamp with bat trademark was Erfurter Sturmlaternenfabrik Fr. Stuebgen located in the city of Erfurt Thuringia Germany. The hallmark of the factory was ...
by marveldcollector
Real or Fake: Copper
Is your collectible piece really copper? Or could it be brass or something else? Here are three ways to help you determine if it is truly copper. 1. Checking to see if a magnet sticks to it: - ...
by Vale
The complete works of William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of modern English to date. His sonnets have appeared in books and music. In 1885, at the age of 25, David Mckay published the first collection of ...
by Marra M
Collectible Porcelain: Royal Cauldon
The crown back stamp was first introduced by Brown-Westhead, Moore and Co., who were the previous owners of Cauldon works. The subsequent owners continued using the stamp. Since these makers were ...
by Marra M
What makes porcelain companies like Sevres, Limoges, Rosenthal, Kaiser and others so great?
Credit for this post goes to FS. Limoges describes a whole REGION in France, with many small towns which housed various decoration studios, similar to the Italian Capo-di-Monte which is both a ...
by Vale
Rawcliffe Pewter Corporation
image courtesy of a guest Rawcliffe is an American company which was established way back in 1903. The company has created decorative products in bronze, pewter, and silver. The industry uses its ...
by marveldcollector
How to tell if it's real or fake: Silver Coins
Here is a guide that I use when trying to detect whether a silver coin is real or fake: Compare the silver coin with an existing coin that has been determined to be authentic. For example, one ...
by Marra M
Cooks Goldblume
History of Cooks Goldblume Cooks Goldblume has a rich history. It took about $330 in order for Frederick Washington Cook to build his City Brewery. He and his stepfather Jacob Rice ran the ...
by Marra M

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