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Bone Collecting? Really?
I must be on a weird kick. After last weeks post about collecting birds eggs I thought that I would get back to the safe subjects of collectibles (the normal kind: albums, old photos, tea pots ...
by Ruth
What Do You Know About Collecting Birds Eggs?
Did you know that some people collect bird's eggs? I had no idea that it was something that was pursued as a hobby; I always thought it was a scientific pursuit and was very surprised to ...
by Ruth
15 of the Creepiest Halloween Houses
Halloween is the opening bang of the Holiday craze, and one of the most fun filled holidays ever.It is an opportunity for people to express themselves to the fullest and for many goes way beyond the ...
by Ruth
Are You Ready For Your Fairy God Mother? Thrifting Cinderellas
It makes no difference if you are a boy or a girl or if you grew up on Cinderella or Superman, everyone would like to star in their own version Cinderella, or be Superman if only for a Minute.The ...
by Ruth
Would You be Happy With An Egraph Instead of an Autograph?
autograph seeker
When I think of obtaining autographs, two images come to mind. One is of a person sitting in a room writing hopeful letters to the objects of his admiration in hopes of coming home one day and ...
by Ruth
A Walk On the Wild Side - Literally Collecting Addictions
opium smokers
Photo Have you ever asked yourself why you collect what you collect?Why, out of all the possible choices for collections does yours happen to be what it is?What kind of collector are you? Do you ...
by Ruth
What Do You Know About Pizza Collectibles?
pizza guitar
I read an article in the NY Times today about a couple of friends who have opened up a pizza memorabilia museum/restaurant in Philadelphia called Pizza Brain. I had never thought of pizza as the ...
by Ruth
Do You Collect Autographs?
James Dean
To my mind, one of the strangest collections to have is an autograph collection. I remember when I was a young girl, younger than ten maybe, we used to have autograph books in which we would get our ...
by Ruth
Thoughts on Collectors Intervention
barbie doll collection
I am not a collector of real items. I collect collectors and links to interesting collections. My mind would never stay focused enough for me to develop a serious collection, I suppose I am a bit ...
by Ruth
Guest Post: Time Travel Via Ephemera
Every-time I visit 'Tattered and Lost's blogs, there is something worth reading. She posts about Ephemera and old photos in such a way that they linger with you, visiting you periodically through out ...
by Ruth
No Love Lost Between Alamo Collectors
The Alamo
A while ago I wrote a post about Phil Collins, the musician who also happens to be the owner of one of, if not the largest collections of Alamo artifacts. It was interesting to learn that not only ...
by Ruth
Olympic Pin Collecting
olympic pins
I have been meaning to write about Olympic pin collecting all week. It seems like a great topic to write about during the Olympic Games, and coincidentally, there is also a lot of information about ...
by Ruth
Who Was Marilyn Monroe?
marilyn monroe
This Sunday will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe.She was the original blond bomb shell, an actress, model, singer and all round icon, Coveted by men, envied by women and ...
by Ruth
Guest Post: Collecting Vintage Illustrated Children's Space Books
I am an avid reader of John Sisson's blog, Dreams of space. I asked him to guest post on AC. since I am sure I many others will find his collection interesting as interesting as I do. Here it is: ...
by Ruth
Did You Watch PBS's New Show Market Warriors?
market warriors
From the makers of Antique Road Show, Market Warriors is about 4 different pickers, competing between themselves in each show in finding specific items to be auctioned off at the end of the show. ...
by Ruth
Guest Post: Everything You Need to Know About Collecting Soda Pop Bottles
This is a guest post by Robert M. Lindsey Author of the great retro blog Retro Hound. Robert also runs Classical Dragsters, a collection of vintage dragster pictures. Why collect soda bottles? They ...
by Ruth
Two Exciting Rare Coin Stories
1907 double eagle
Strange that on the same day two exciting yet opposing stories about coins should be published. The first is about a hand surgeon and coin collector who is also, among other things the Associate ...
by Ruth
Guest Post - Little Van Goes
I love reading Darrin's Blog Dad's Dish Retro Blog so much, I thought I would share the wealth, and invited him to guest post on AC. Hello! This is Darrin from Dad's Dish Retro Blog, and I'm ...
by Ruth
Inspiring - 3 Collector Businesses
It has been a while since I posted, maybe because it is hard to beat the Ross Sisters. Anyway, since I am more a collector of collectors than an actual collector myself, I thought I would ...
by Ruth
The Ross Sisters Tying Themselves in Knots - Can You?
knot man
I know this is a bit off topic for my blog, but I was so blown away by this video that I just had to post it. these are the Ross sisters, singers, dancers, contortionists, extraordinaires. I ...
by Ruth
Incredibly Rare Bamboo Pot Sold By Charity Shop For a Cool £360,000
small bamboo brush pot
photo credit BNPS via Telegraph I know that I am preaching to believers here, but people, before you get rid of bric-a-brac from your house, please take a second, third and forth look at it. It ...
by Ruth
Mark Zuckerberg as a collectors Item?
Mark zukerberg
I think not !! Apparently I am not alone with this thought, and the 300 limited edition figurines made of him are not selling too well on EBay. If you ask me, some things are just not meant to be. ...
by Ruth
Drummer/Singer Phil Collins Publishes New Book About His Alamo Collection
I would hazard a guess and say that Phil Collins in one of the most influential and successful musicians of his time, although he is now retired, since he is no longer able to play the drums. ...
by Ruth
Hotpoint Multi Tasking Utility Iron
multi tasking
[I know that the above image is not of a multi tasking iron - but it certainly embodies the multi tasking spirit, and it made you look :-)!] Anyhow We all have smartphones, righ? And if we ...
by Ruth
Honus Wagner Baseball Card Sold For a Cool $1.2 Million
honus wagner card
A few weeks ago I posted an interview with a seasoned baseball card collector. My personal conclusion to that interview was that although some people do collect baseball cards as an investment, most ...
by Ruth
Have You Ever Been To An Estate Sale Like This?
estate sale
There are the famous, outlandish, and well know collections like the one of the of the Milhous brothers, and then there are other collections with items that are less flashy and housed in ordinary ...
by Ruth
Will Canadian Pennies Become Collectibles?
Canadian pennies will be taken out of circulation towards the end of 2012. Which obviously has many Canadians wondering what to do with their pennies - trade them in or leave them as an ...
by Ruth
Baseball Card Collecting 101 - Q&A With Ben Henry
Ben Henry has been collecting baseball cards for over 25 years, and for the past few years has also been the author of The Baseball Card Blog. He probably knows everything there is to know about ...
by Ruth
The End Of An Era - Milhous Collection Dismantled
from the milhous colleciton
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the fabulous Milhous Collection - a collection that has turned over the years into a private museum with an eclectic display of wondrous musical instruments and ...
by Ruth
Gone With The Wind Memorabilia Destroyed In Fire
gone with the wind
Gone With The Wind is no doubt one of the most celebrated films ever made. It was filmed in 1939, won a record breaking 10 academy awards and held that record for 20 years. Even in today's ...
by Ruth
Milhous Collection to Be Auctioned Of At The End Of February!
photo courtesy of the RM catalogue Some people are bigger than life. They have personalities that conquer anyone they meet, they are fearless in their ventures and the rewards they reap are in ...
by Ruth
Vintage Toy Collections
ficsher price
Although I love toys as much as the next person, I am not a toy collector. Sometimes I think that is more by chance than anything else, because I love old wooden toys that have some kind of ...
by Ruth
Do You Collect Christmas Decorations?
christmas decorations
Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I would write something about Christmas ornament collection. I am Jewish, but the whole concept of the Christmas tree, pulling out the box of ...
by Ruth
Q&A with Holly Hibner From "Awful Library Books" About Weeding and Managing Library Collections
Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly are both Michigan librarians who write a blog about weeded library books called Awful Library books. I love popping over to ALB to see the latest "atrocity" and often ...
by Ruth
Yesterdays Common Items Are Todays Collectibles
yellow pages obselite
The way I see it, is that there are two kinds of collectibles. The first are items made for collecting, like different memorial plates and souvenirs, while the other type of collectibles are ...
by Ruth
Changing My User Name From Linda To Ruth
into the light
Don't worry, its still me in here, except I am ditching the name ‘Linda', trading it in for my real name, Ruth. In case you are confused, I have been writing under the alias of Linda ever ...
by Ruth
Discovering Stamp Collecting
error stamp
Error stamps. Notice the difference of price. Although stamps are one of the first things that comes to mind when the word collection is mentioned, and although, as a child, I did have a stamp ...
by Ruth
The 4 Strangest Collections Ever
belly button fluff
Since collecting has so many starting points and reasons, there are potentially as many kinds of collections as there are people, and probably more than that. A collector at heart would not limit ...
by Ruth
A Blast From the Passed - Audio Letters
tape deck
Webster Dictionary defines the term Artifact as follows: a: something created by humans usually for a practical purpose; especially : an object remaining from a particular period <caves ...
by Ruth
Simple Treasures Are the Best
reaching for treasure
I have complained before about being terribly jealous of all the folks that can just prance off to a yard sale any old weekend, since where I live they are few and far between. I have been talking to ...
by Ruth

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