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rosemont 121 empress china complete set in pristine condition - very old but perfect 21 of everything including 4 platters

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I guess the age makes it unique I came across one some time ago and a single platter was going for $21. Maybe you should put them up in an auction site and see how much you'll get, that is if you choose to sell yours.

FYI the one I came across was not that old

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Did you find out the value of your rosemont 121 empress china complete set?

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Marra M
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On Replacements,a 5 piece set is worth $43.99. Here are the prices for the other pieces on the same site.

Dinner Plate $19.99
Footed Cup and Saucer $11.99
Sauce Bowl/ Bread & Butter Plate $7.99
Sugar Bowl/Creamer $15.99
Gravy Boat with Underplate $99.95

On Ebay, here are the prices

7 piece set $37.99

8 pieces all dinner plates $90.89

On DJ Antiques site, Dinner Plate a piece is $24.99
Cup and Saucer $16.99

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