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Philippe Dezarn

I have two 4 inch high Norcrest figurines. Two young ladies in gowns playing musical instruments, one a lyre and the other what looks to be a Japanese instrument shaped like a banjo. The figures have F 617 stamped on the base and blue stickers that state Norecrest Japan, Reg. US. Patent. Off. Could you please provide date and pricing information for possible sale, on both figurines.
Thanks in advance.

Philippe Dezarn

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Marra M
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The exact vintage Norcrest Lady Victorian Figurine that you have depicted was recently posted on Ebay and was sold out for only $19.99. It has a white and gold lyre musical instrument and is marked F- 617.

However I am still looking for the Norcrest lady playing another instrument. Hope you can give me more details or post a picture of this second figurine.

William Sumio Naito better known as Bill Naito, a noted businessman serves as President and Co-owner of Norcrest China Company. His parents once owned a curio shop in Portland, Oregon. They emigrated from Japan in 1912. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, to avoid internment Naito’s father moved his family to Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Bill returned to Portland in 1952 he joined his brother Sam Naito in running the family owned import business which was incorporated in 1958 as Norcrest China Company.

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