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Ask Your Question...I am wondering about the value of my Lenox Montclair pattern china. I got it in 1967 when I got married. I have 8 place settings that include cup and saucer, salad plate and dinner plate. I also have an oval vegetable bowl.

I am thinking of selling them, so I need to know the value.

I also have 8 iced tea crystal goblets of the same pattern.

If you could give me an idea of the value and also where I might sell them, I would appreciate it.


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earl miller

Dear Sheryl,
I hate to say it but you would be better off giving it to a family member or relative as a gift. I am in the same boat since losing my wife, what to do with the china and crystal. Todays folks no longer treat a meal the way we all obviously did and have virtually zero interest in fine china, crystal, silver ware. I have been trying to sell my 8 place settings, plus crystal and accessory items unsuccessfully. I am finally giving them to my Godson and his family as I know that they will cherish them the way my wife and I did. Good luck. If you check ebay sold section you will find the resale value realized by those that were able to sell, however, most remain listed as unsold. Regards, earl in NJ.

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Do you have the rim soup bowls?

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Marra M
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Hi Laurie

You can also post this by using the following link

Don't forget to add photos since sellers will have an idea of what you are looking for.

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