I recently came across a vindex special sewing machine. I ca...

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I recently came across a vindex special sewing machine. I can't find a serial# or the year of manufacture. any ideas how I can I.D. it

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stephen mcneil

I have no idea either. I just bought one fully loaded. it has all orginal parts,I mean everytinng,key for the drawers books some pages missing. The pages i have describe how to sew using the different tools. it also has a price list for buying spare parts. i also found a fabric repair kit. Instruction on how to thread the machine. This machine is complete in every way.

If you hear any thing on how to age or any information you have i would be happy to read it.

I found that showed these machines sold for $8.00 plus back then.

StephenMcNeil canada.

Ps I may know how to find out more about these machines. my Great aunt has an orginal and it is still in her home.

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I have a Vindex Special sewing machine which my grandmother purchased used before my father was born (in 1911). It has been in my family ever since - and I learned to sew on it. Unfortunately the relative who had it before me didn't take care of it and it was in horrible condition when I got it - missing the front of a drawer and the pull for the drawer, the instruction book and some of the attachment parts. Like you, I have no idea of the serial number. But perhaps this will give you and idea of the age of your sewing machine. I had it partly restored including replacing the drawer front and missing drawer hardware. It is beautiful and I use it as a piece of furniture in the foyer. But I have no idea if it will work mechanically. If you have learned anything new about the Vindex Special, I'd love to hear from you.

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for the serial number... pull out the front slider that covers the shuttle. i found the serial number under there on the one i have just bought.

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Hi Steven

I would love to even get the threading diagram for your machine. My old girl is making me shake my head as far as threading goes. Sorry I have less information that you do or I would happily share.

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The serial number is under the plate that covers the bobbin

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