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I have Original Chuck Oberstein painting of Emmit Kelly reading the Wall Street Journal with Tear in lef eye. Have seen simular Paintings by him but not this one in particular. Can you assist me in finding out the value?

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Marra M
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An original oil painting by Chuck Oberstein 1960 painting entitled “ Emmett Kelly Reading the Wall Street Journal “ has a price tag of $5,000 on Art Brokerage

Chuck Oberstein was famous for his clown paintings. He was given the nickname “The Magician” by fans. It was said that there are many reproductions sold they ride on the popularity of the original paintings. His original paintings are expensive and considered by many as good investment.

The clown in Chuck’s paintings was known as the sad faced hobo.

Another collector said he purchase his painting for $1,200 from a gallery during the 80s.

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