I have an Austin Prod Inc 1987 Fisher of a woman about two and a half feet ...

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I have an Austin Prod Inc 1987 Fisher of a woman about two and a half feet tall. She looks like a fashion model having a wide brimmed hat and wearing high heels. I received it from a woman working in the fashion industry in New York. Don't know anything about it or the possible value. Help.

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You just described 2 sculptures designed by David Fisher. One is Sophisticated Lady II - Wearing a wide brimmed hear with flowing dress.Production Date 1987 and it is valued between $90 - $150. This can only be bought form dealers and individuals but actually valued between $250 - $300 in next to new or brand new condition.

Vogue - Wearing a brimmed hat with high heels, production date 1987, you can it for $90 - $100, but valued $250 - $280, next to new or brand new.

These are the two I know created on that year that are fashion pieces and somehow match your description.

However, you can browse through the link provided below to see if any of the sculptures match what you have. In future, it will be best if you provide a picture of what you are referring to to get the right answer. I hope I helped a little.

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