I have almost every avon beer stein made with boxes in excel...

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I have almost every avon beer stein made with boxes in excellant condition aprx 30 to 40 of them
how much are they worth

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'Value' is relative ( see http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/resources/essay_value.php ), expecially when it comes to such items like yours.

The already complicated matter is value-finding is here complicated even further: Avon Beer Steins have less value for a real Stein Collector (as Avon was no manufacturer, etc.), on the other hand they are worth a little more to an excessive Avon collector simply *because* they were distributed via Avon. And of course some are more sought after than others ...

You should check out sites like RubyLane or eBay to see what I mean, prices are literally all over the place. As you for yourself know which models you have you can easily find an approximate 'value' there.

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