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I have a The Government of Texas 20 dollar note April 1 1838 signed by Sam Houston president

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what would it be worth and where could I cash it in I have had it over 50 years

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Marra M
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According to Navona Numismatics, the $20 has the signature of President Sam Houston and First American Governor of Texas Henry Smith. Henry Smith was the treasurer during that time. These currencies were not really signed by Henry Smith rather by his secretary William G. Cooke for unexplainable reasons. This dollar note along with $5 and $50 were issued on April 1, 1838.

According to Crutch Williams website, the value of A6 $20 #5473 -$425 and A6 $20 # 1457 -$460.

Web Answers Info says the value is from $180 to $475.

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