I have a set of Grant Crest Royal rose with gold trim dinner...

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I have a set of Grant Crest Royal rose with gold trim dinner set. Almost a complete set but two dishes are missing. I'm interested in knowing more about this china. It was given to me as a gift. I've heard it's a pretty expensive set but I'm not having much luck researching online. The set was bought for $5.00 at a yard sale. All the dishes are in excellent condition. Includes the tea cups and saucers also.

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Royal Rose China from Japan (not Poland) does not have a lot going on in sales. I have not found many contacts either (and I have searched) except Ebay and a place called replacements.com. Replacements.com will show you the good going price on some pieces. Much of what I have found has some damage/wear. And I have never found several pieces together. It was hard to find a buyer as this pattern is not very previliant. Not much interest out there is what I conclude.
This is my Mother's pattern and we ate on it every holiday! So it has sentimental value versus monetary value for me. I would want to to buy this off of you if it is the right pattern.

Any way to send a picture to me with stamp on bottom? My Mother's set is sitting in a closet in Milwaukee and I am on the West Coast. Thank you if you can reply....Patricia <email>

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Hi Patricia,
Your email address didn't show up. I do have photos and also pictures with the stamp on the bottom. I attached a few. You can contact me. My email is

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Did you ever sell this set? I may be interested in buying it from you!

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I have this exact set of dishes that were given to me as a wedding present. Mine were also purchases at a yard sale. I also have some older pieces in this pattern that are red letter Japan.

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I have an 8 pc place setting with 10pc tea set, formal tea pot with cream and sugar, gravy boat and another piece I believe is a salt holder. Mixed markings between traditional and red Japan. Intersested in selling it. Family heirloom. contact info pmoodyn.com

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Hi I have that se looking to get some replacements are you interested in selling it.

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I have an entire set of these
Dishes large plates small plates tea cups gravy boat salt and pepper shakers etc email me if interested

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I have a set of Grant Crest Royal Rose With Gold Trim dinner set.

I have uploaded pictures of the set I have, it's in mint condition.

I am interested in selling my set, If your interested you may contact me

I live in Missouri.

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