I have a Samuel Clemens The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer Comple...

5 years ago #1

I have a Samuel Clemens The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer Complete Edition, The World Syndicate Publishing Company. The book was dedicated to his wife..
The only date in the book is Harford, 1876.
There is two blue stripes on the binding.
Is this book worth money?
Can anyone help me? There are so many copies and I cannot get actual value.
The book is definitely old and red hardcover has watermark. All pages are intact.
Thanks for your help in advance.

5 years ago #2
Bernie the Shredder

I have the exact same edition of the book; decent condition also with all pages intact...I would also like to know what this book could be worth!!!

5 years ago #3

I also have this book but it's royal blue with Navy blue stripes and lettering. No date except this preface date of Hartford, 1876. This book was found in a private collection of a wealthy doctor who had many of his parents' books from the mid-1800's to the 1940's. Would you know about this version of this book? THANKS...C.A.T.

3 years ago #4
the adventures of tom ...

i have this book it is red hard cover with tom sawyer at the top small piture of a boy in the middle. and samuel clemens at the bottom it says to my wife this book is affectionately decicated hartford 1876 it is complete and in good conditon.

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