I have a Foley Bone China cup and saucer 1850 EB on it with a stamped or pe...

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I have a Foley Bone China cup and saucer 1850 EB on it with a stamped or pen mark number 2979 it is green with gold trim and I think apple blossoms on it does any one know what it is worth if anything

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Foley china had a good history. It was produced by different manufacturers. Foley Bone China started from 1898 up to 1940 by John Goodwin Stoddard & Co.

If the mark shows the letters E.B, you have a Foley by E. Brain & Co Ltd. It would be helpful if you post a photo of the mark for easy identification. The number 2979 is the pattern number. You have a beautiful Foley cup and saucer. if there's no damage and in good condition, it can have the value between 20$ to 100$.

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I took a pic of the bottom of the cup , there are no flaws, chips or anything like that I see

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China Chik UK

The backstamp on the cup dates it somewhere between 1948 - 1963. To me, the styling looks early 1950s, but that's a guess. I've looked the pattern number up in the Shelley pattern book, but couldn't find it so I couldn't get a more accurate date for you than this.

It's a very pretty vintage piece. I wouldn't think the value would be as high as $100, but surely between $25 - $50, depending upon condition.

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Hi China CHick, having these books means you are seriously into china, right? I'm glad you found our forum.
Why didn't you sign up? It is free and simple.

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Do you know whether the pattern numbers for EB are in any date order. I have one with 3125 on the back. Is it any earlier or later than this one?

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