I have a complete set (serving for 12 plus serving dishes) o...

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I have a complete set (serving for 12 plus serving dishes) of Hutschenreuther Selb LHS Royal Bavarian Warranted 18 carat gold. Each piece has the green stamp. The set is ivory with the gold floral around the edges and handles. Can anyone tell me the value?

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There were dozens of different sets made under that export brand from 1945 onwards so you would have to first find out which set/decoration you actually have. Value of course is a matter of demand and some sets are more sought after than others even if they all were not around long - they were discontinued when the Royal Bavarian export line itself slowly dissolved.

You could try to find a match on Replacements.com; that would give you a name and/or ID number which you could then use for further reseach.

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by Michele

Thanks for getting back to me. I will try what you recommended. I assume the sight offers pictures so I can ID. Again, Thank you.

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