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I have a B. Merli figurine of 2 small girls praying. The tallest girl is about 3 3/4" tall. It is mounted on a 3x3 wood base with a B. Merli plate attached to the front of the wood base.On the bottom of the tallest girls gown it has a small circle with a C in the middle of it and 1993 Florence. Also a N with a dot over the N and 5 small lines over the dot.
I am trying to find the value of this piece.

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Hi there! I have provided a link that will show you the original display of Capodimonte trademark. I am afraid to say if that mark is not on your figurine, it's not an original product and it won't have much value. http://www.antique-china-porcelain-collectibles.com/ capodimonte-marks-china-porcelain-markings.htm

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