i have a 5 dollar bill with a red stamp from 1929 and it say...

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i have a 5 dollar bill with a red stamp from 1929 and it say federal reserve bank of cleveland i wanted to know if it worth anythin

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With the limited amount of information you posted, I cannot determine what you have or what it would be worth other than to say it’s a circulated note at no more than $35 in VF-20 condition. To compare this question with other similar questions, please view the listings for similar items below. Is there any reason you cannot post a picture of it and/or give a more detailed description of it? It's very simple by using the "attach photos" button on the bottom of this page. According to my notes, there were 1,610,676 of these notes minted. and you have one of them.

Also, if you choose to log back in with additional information, would you please log in with a name? It's always challenging to do research for an unknown audience.

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