I have a 325888 credit suisse 999.9 fine gold lighter. What ...

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I have a 325888 credit suisse 999.9 fine gold lighter. What is range of value?

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Well friend, If you just scrapped 10 ounces of relatively 24 K (999.9)gold..with the price being at $1,600.00 an ounce, then you would have $16,000.00 worth of gold bullion...But are you weighing the flint the cotton and any other foreign parts making it the 10 ounces? If so, then it doesn't weigh 10 ounces in almost pure gold..I would try Sothebys or Christies Auction Houses and let them insure it and sell it at auction for you, and you might get a greater price other than scrapping it for gold content only, that way maybe someone who collects lighters would end up with an enjoyable piece to add to their collection and you could end up with a lot more than the scrapping price...I remember not so many years ago that an old repaired zippo lighter sold at auction at one of the above auction houses for over $20,000.00...Check it out..Get on line and see what becomes of your <email>

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To help us with comments on this item or because of the frequency of similar requests, it would be appreciated that in the future you log in as a member rather than as an anonymous guest. It’s free and would help eliminate duplicate posts on similar subjects, and personally I don’t have the energy to time to check everybody’s IP address to see whether or not this is a double post. It would also help me to cater to your personal requests rather than comment in general to an unknown audience.

But chances are it is a promotional item of no PM value.

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So many threads here were wasted on these lighters. Please check the related posts or read this thread: http://www.artifactcollectors.com/10-oz-credit-suisse-gold-lighter-407824.html

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Is this Suisse credit 999.9 10 0Z. Gold . Is it real

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