i have a 1935E one dollar bill it is a blue seal P60587926G ...

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i have a 1935E one dollar bill it is a blue seal P60587926G is the serial# the number on the bottom right conner is N7494

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Due to the amount of questions asked about this item and the frequency of similar requests, it would be appreciated that in the future you log in as a member rather than as an anonymous guest. This would help eliminate duplicate posts on similar subjects. It would also help me to cater to your personal requests rather than comment in general to an unknown audience.

On this bill however, What you should do is check the threads responded to below on this note since research on this item has been asked for a number of times in the last few months. By looking at prior or older threads first, especially one of the first where you see this same question asked about a similar note, at least three things will happen. 1) you will become familiar with the site, 2) you might find other articles and questions of interest and 3) you often get the answer to your question before you ask it. However, if your question is not addressed there, please let us know and we'll research it further. It always helps if you post pictures and discuss a bit about the quality or grading of your personal bills, since this is the information we use to aid in a collectors evaluation. If you read this response in other posts, it’s because we’re trying to get our readers to post more accurate descriptions of their notes or coins and to also encourage the use of pictures aiding in our research for your ultimate benefit.

Also, when you post information about your note it would be good to remember the grading of a note. Pretty good and really nice are not included in the numismatic grading process. There is Good 4, Very Good 8-10, Fine F12-15, Very Fine VF20-35, Extremely Fine XF40-45, About Uncirculated AU50-58, Choice Uncirculated. CU64-65 Gem Uncirculated. GU65-70 and then there are other descriptive characteristics about the bill, pin holes, folds etc. All this is not only helpful, it is required in determining the value of a specific note.

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