I found a set of hira china , made n occupied in Japan. Tea ...

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I found a set of hira china , made n occupied in Japan. Tea cups + sugar bowl. Where can I sell them?

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Probably the best place to sell your teaset would be one of the online auctions, Ebay being the largest, and probably the best way to get your items to the widest audience.
The best way to begin is to do a search on the site for items similar to yours. Type Hira China, Occupied Japan, into the search box, and also check the 'completed auctions' tab. This will give you an idea of what similar items are actually selling for, and you may also find your exact pattern among the items and get more info on it as well. You may have to do that for a few weeks to get a good idea of what price you can realistically hope to get. This is the best way to price your items for sale-price guides are useful, but give you top-end prices, the kind that dealers get, which is unrealistic for the casual seller, and best used for insurance valuation purposes. By using the search on the site itself, you can see what items have actually sold for in the real world.
Occupied Japan items are collected specifically for that mark, which was used for a brief time after WWII. Most of the items were fairly inexpensive mass-market pieces, and the prices are low to middle, but the items do sell if priced correctly. Some items, such as the better-made figurines, and even teasets-if complete, a desirable pattern, and in perfect condition-will sell well if they are priced realistically.
It may be difficult to positively ID a particular pattern, as the Japanese were prolific little manufacturers, and they made a LOT of stuff, often copying European designs-they were all over the map when it came to design. But there are many patterns that are known, and you may be able to find yours among them, you just have to do a bit of looking.
Good luck to you!

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