how much is a silver dollar lady liberty coin worth?

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how much is a silver dollar lady liberty coin worth?

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How much is a lady liberty silver dollar coin worth?

There were 2 designs struck in 1921; and then from 1921-1935 missing a few years. I assume you have the much more common variety that does NOT have the word "Peace" under the eagle on the reverse. This design is normally referred to as a Morgan dollar, after its designer which was issued from 1878-1904 and 1921.

Despite its age, your coin is pretty much only worth its melt value of 0.77344 x 90% of bullion. It would still make more sense keep it or sell it to a collector instead of trying to sell it for its metal value because anyone who buys scrap coins will want to deal in bulk lots. They'll offer far less than its actual value for a single coin.

The other silver dollar is often called the peace dollar because it contains that word prominently on the back side below the bald eagle. Lady Liberty is represented on the front of this coin that was minted from 1921 to 1935 by the U.S. government. The coin is 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper and was minted in Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco.
1. Very Fine
o The hair over Liberty's eye is well worn and many of the eagle's feathers can no longer be seen in this condition.
Extremely Fine
o Liberty's hair lines can be slightly worn, but are mostly strong. The eagle's outside wing feathers are visible, but generally faint.
About Uncirculated
o While the coin can have come contact marks, most of the original mint luster must be present and the dollar can only have a little wear.
o There are very few flaws with a coin in this grade. There can be a stain or surface mark, but no wear should be seen and the coin should have a full mint luster.
Choice Uncirculated
o An almost perfect example, this grade requires only the slightest contact marks or blemishes with a full luster and no wear.
o A 1922 Peace dollar with a San Francisco mintmark (denoted by a small S below the word "One" on the reverse) carries a higher premium because it is harder to find in this condition.

Because of their abundance, most Peace dollars value at about 90% of bullion rate unless they are slabbed and graded by one of the two best grading companies which IMHO are PCGS and NGC. I have enclosed a picture of the back of a peace dollar.

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In your second sentence you assume the coin I have does not have the word "PEACE" on it, however it does! Also, it does have an alpha under the word "One" as well, but it is not a " S ". It has a " D" instead.

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Nikhil shah

i am having a coin as per your details and i want to sell my coin what will be the best price for the coin..

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you would probably get 15 dollars for it, I,ll give you 18 for it.

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I have 160 silver coins dates run from 1921 to 1964 . Silver dollars and half dollars. I need to sell. But will not give them away. Can anyone help me find a buyer.

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Sell them on eBay. Will get the most bang for your buck. All depends on condition and key dates of the coins. I sold all of mine when silver was at $38 an oz and never looked back(Considering even my mint/rainbow tone Silver dollars were getting less than $30 a coin I was making out just getting melt) But, since silver is only at $17oz it's better off getting condition value for them.

But lower silver coins like dimes, nickels, quarters etc. if in poor condition will only get melt values(Well less than melt if heavily worn)

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