5 years ago #1

how much is a 1oz edward c harwood coin worth?

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4 years ago #2

It would be worth melt or max melt +10

4 years ago #3

In respect to what? US dollars? I agree with the author above if it is silver if gold spot or max spot + 100. One (of many) good source for spot price is http://www.kitco.com/
Is your coin silver of gold; both styles were made.
If you weight the silver you will find that it is a little over the 31.1 grams that one might commonly think as a troy ounce. The reason behind this is that it is mixed with a bit of copper and the copper is the amount above the troy ounce.
I don't know your circumstances, but I recommend keeping it if you can afford to, and re-evaluate if you still want to keep it in 2015 or so.

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