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how much is a 1922 silver dollar with the word trust spelled trvst

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Marra M
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Your silver dollar is also known as the Peace Dollar. It was minted from 1921 to 1928 and again in 1934-1935. This coin was minted in Philadelphia(no mint mark), Denver(D) and San Francisco (S).

The front of the coin(obverse) shows Lady Liberty and the reverse side contains the image of the majestic bald eagle. The artwork was made by Antonio de Francisci an Italian. The words TRVST are not really an error since the spelling is Latin in origin.

This has 0.77 ounces of pure silver and has a current melt value of $16.55. However the price changes every 15 minutes because of the changes in the market for the prices of silver. I found this information on the Coin Trackers website. If you want to know the exact price before selling it then better get the average price posted there. By that time that you read this the price might change.

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