3 years ago#1
Gold Collection

I'm curious as to whether or not these items are worth anything. I have the WWE Wrestling 22K Gold cards, Legions in Gold Cars, and 22K Gold stamp collection. Are these worth anything? I am in the process of cleaning these out to sell. These are in Mint condition.

Thank you,
Gaye Wheeler

11 months ago#2
Daddy D

I will buy all 5 dollar each card

11 months ago#3
Marra M
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Hi Daddy D

You can send a private message to Gold Collection(member) since both of you are members. This way she/he will get your message.

2 weeks ago#4

are you still looking to buy the 22kt gold cards #1 thru 50 in a wwf binder...I will take 50.00 for set and you pay shipping anyway you want...not a wrestling fan... was owed about 45 bucks so I took these instead

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