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Who said toy cars are just for kids? not the Chevron Cars Collectors.

The Chevron Cars are part of an advertising campaign of the Chevron Corporation consisting of television spots, print ads, billboards, and toy cars available at Chevron retail locations. Their debut in television commercials in May 1995 featured talking cars done in clay animation, with a variety of car colors each with different personalities. The commercials themselves, done in a similar fashion to Creature Comforts, were crafted by Aardman Animations.

Although originally designed for kids, Chevron executives were surprised that adults started collecting the toy plastic cars too. Older adults are among the most enthusiastic collectors of the Chevron Cars.

Certain Chevron Cars are selling for top dollar at online auction sites, with select individual cars listed for up to $80-$100 each. The most valuable cars are some of the Special Edition or Limited Edition cars that are no longer available except at online auction sites such as eBay — particularly Hope 2001 or Davey Driver, for example.

As recently posted in the blog of Chevron cars there is a new addition to the family, the fuller fire truck.

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  • Joanne Brown: We have a Chevron matted print 2.5 ft by 3.t ft of the Chevron cars at a drive in movie theater. We don’t know anything more about this print or it’s worth. Do you or anyone have any information, websites, etc. where we might find out more about this print.
  • Tammy Mikus: I have 2003 hope and freddy4-wheeler and summerscoop 2003 and skylerscamper and zacharyzoomer2002.
  • Stella Lane: What would be the approximate value of a complete collection of Chevron cars? He does not want to part them out but sell the complete collection to one buyer. He needs to pay for medical expenses but is not going to give them away.
    Thanks for your consideration and help!
  • Marra M: An owner of a whole set of Chevron cars; summarize all the names of the cars he owned and the year from where it came from. He is offering to sell the whole set for $500 this is on Cars Parts Collectibles Tripod website.
    I suggest you try to look for the names and prices then offer a quotation.
  • lucas: Guess’s only worth what someone is willing to give you for it.
    Don’t get all whipped up about this or that being "collectable" or "Limited Edition" and how it’s worth X amount according to some collectors.
    No need to pay high $$$ on some auction site...just wait...another one will come along.
  • sabrinafeik: My husband has collected thes cars for some time finding them in thrift stores. He recently gave the whole collection to his nefu. He will like this blog. Thanks
  • kristin: I have a lot of chevron cars from my childhood they are opened though are they still worth anything?? Someone please help me.
  • ted coulton: I have die cast chevron cars from 1980’s in original boxes! Are they valuable?
  • Marra M: Sorry for the very late reply @SabrinaFeik. Thanks for showing your appreciation for my blog.
    @Kristin I just learned from Wikipedia that older adults are actually the ones enthusiastic about collecting them although these cars were mainly geared towards kids when it was first launch hence the program that ads showing clay animation regarding Chevron Cars launch in 1995. Please save the boxes even if you have already opened it. They show the authenticity of the product.
    @ Ted Coulton, yes there are still those collectors who prefer die cast toys. I got the same information when I was watching the television show (American) The Pickers. Even England and Europe has catch on collecting these toys. Aside from Ebay, you can also look for other sites to sell them like Cyber Attic, Etsy, Amazon, Gasoline Alley Antiques to name a few.
  • kristin: @Marra M. I don’t have any of the boxes so would you know if they are worth anything plus they have a few scratches.
  • Marra M: @Kristin, the value of your collection depends on what you have. Kindly attach photos of them. You can also post through the forum just look for the topic Chevron Cars.
  • kristin: Okay I will on Tuesday thanks for trying to help me.@ Marra M
  • Marra M: @Kristin, no problem!
  • neil:

    i have a huge collection of cars including Gold Dusty and also lots of associated items from hats, shirts, towels, glasses, golf balls, games, signs etc.

  • Marra M: @Neil, I suggest that you attach the photos of your collection here. If any of the collectors here need that specific item they can private message you to inquire. No postings on email addresses and contact numbers are allowed on the forums, sorry.
  • Marra M: @Joanne Brown
    Here are some suggestions on how to sell your Chevron Matted Print. You can frame it and sell it for $90.
    You can sell it as is to Chevron Collectors here and on eBay, Etsy and other similar sites. With the current popularity of such cartoons by Pixar as Cars you will not go short on buyers.
  • Jodi: I have All the Collection of Chevron Cars and All of the Breast Cancer Car Collection. I have them ALL and even the Limited Chevron Cars. I have 2 Travel Garage Carrier for 6 cars each and the 8′x 4′ Plastic Mat that has Disney on one side and a Town on the other side. I have all the Disney Topia Chevron cars as well. How much are they really worth. I bought these for my Grandson so he could maybe have a nest that if he needed money this could be a start with this collection. Never taken out of their box. So if you find the answer I sure would appreciate to know the answer as well Please. Thank you so much and I hope my Grandson has a something he can sell when he starts Collage or needs help finding a car. Thanks and Take Care!!! Jodi
  • Marra M: Hi Jodi
    The prices are different for each car; the prices for these pieces are bound to go up or down depending on how many collectors are interested in owning them in a given period of time. To get a good price, sellers can sell it by piece or as an entire piece.
    The disadvantage of selling it as an entire collection is that there are some collectors who want to purchase only a particular set of car to complete their collection. Leaving the rest of the cars without a buyer since some would prefer buying the whole lot. When it is time to sell them weigh the pros and cons.
    For now, do visit this official link from the makers of Chevron Cars : to get a good inventory.
    Average price on Amazon is $9.99 a piece like Collectible Chevron cars Horace N Trailer while Chevron Cars Pete Pick up is worth $34.99. There are still other sites that you can visit to check the current prices like eBay, Worthpoint etc.
  • Breanna: Hi I was looking for a way to price all my cars and find a way to sale them. My mom collected them and I have a room full of cars in boxes never opened. No longer want them please help
  • Marra M: Hi Breanna
    As I have suggested to Jodi, please write an inventory first, by doing this you will be able to get a good estimate as to to specific collection your own. Cars that come in a box or in still unopened boxes would fetch a better price.
    Do visit the website that I suggested just to know more about the pieces that you own at
    You can also visit this site as well: although this may look like a play land for Chevron collectors you will still learned more about each cars. Look for serious collectors who may be on the lookout for something to add to their collection.
  • david delgado: Have 20 of them already. I am a big fan of the chevron cars. If you have any please message me to negotiate if willing to sell them to me.
  • Marra M: Hello David
    You can send Breanna or Jodi a direct message. :)
  • Breanna: David please private message me and i can email you some pictures and we can discuss prices.
  • Caillat criego: I had every chevron car made when they first came in a box I think it was four of them the police car red car white car and I think a red one or a yellow one these where not in the box with the plastic showcase .then they came back out in the he showcase boxes. I had all the special edition cars and the pink cars for cancer the use Trojan cars the bus the trailer truck the coloring books the travel box with activities for the kids the little pins to wear. I was a true fan was moving had them all in a suitcase very neat and the movers stole them very hurt full but I want to know if u could send me a chart of all the cars that were made so I can Sr art all over again oh yes I did have a chart of all of them that where made up until 2001 I think.
  • Marra M: Hello Caillat Criego
    Here is a link to Chevron Toy Cars site to give you the listings for the models and to start your collection. :) Enjoy!
  • Marra M: Hi JR
    If you wish to post your Chevron Car toy for sale, please use the following link
    Don’t forget to add clear photos since buyers like to see what they are buying.
    You can also register for an account (which is free) so that visitors who are interested can contact you privately.
  • Jodi: Thank you for the information. Appreciate. I see right now that all my collectibles are at rock bottom prices. Even our house on income taxes went from $185 to now $118. Things are crazy!!!! Hope every one is doing OK. I counted my car collection and all the extra posters, garages, Tee Shirt, Plate Mats,the play mat, and more. I have 78 items. The only cars I am missing is most of the College Cars. I really didn’t think of that as part of the collection. My Chevron Cars have attitude, style, their own name, and I have enjoyed all of them including all my Breast Cancer Cars. I was going to leave them to my Grandson; but even at 11 and in the 6th Grade. I don’t feel he’s ready for this Collection. My health is not so good and I want things to be in order when the time comes. This way no one is cleaning up my mess and no one gets to fight over anything. Simple Solution. I do Truly Love All My Chevron Cars and Have Truly Enjoyed Them for 18 years. I am 53 by the way and yes I am always going to be a KID AT HEART!!!!
  • Marra M: Hi Jodi
    Your welcome, nice to hear from you again. Glad to know you are a kid at heart. God Bless!
  • Jodi: Thank you Marra. Have a Great Day and stay safe where ever you are. I live in Salem Oregon and it’s going to 80 here to day. Take care and God Bless you and yours!
  • Kim: I have hope and faith in box
  • Marra M: Hi Kim :)
    Can you please attach clear photos of this Hope and Faith box in another category here through this link?
  • David Spencer: Sept 10, 2015
    I have the entire collection of the Chevron cars with the exception of Dusty Gold and the University cars. I have the limited editions, the special editions, the online, trucks, bus and playmats. They are all in original boxes and never removed. In garage in a few tubs. I am downsizing and want to sell them off. Can anyone tell me where a good place to sell them? I live in Los Angeles area. Thank you.
  • Marra M: Hi David :)
    If you wish to post your Chevron car for sale, please use the following link
    Don’t forget to add clear photos since buyers like to see what they are buying.
    You can also register for an account (which is free) so that visitors who are interested can contact you privately.
  • Chevron Toy cars and trucks: It would be very helpful to get a list of all the cars produced, and the estimated value with and without the boxes they came in. Is there anyone that could help with this?
  • Marra M: I visited a site that contains a lot of these toy cars and here is the link to it

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