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i have some 23kt gold stamps that i would like to know more about and am interested in selling and finding out more or less the value of them there is some of famous people like jackierobinson albert einstein martin luther king robert f kennedy

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Only an official postage service (like Royal Mail, etc.) may issue stamps, just like only a regular country/state mint can issue currency. If you would care to check out the previous posts in this matter (Gold Replicas, etc) you would find that these items are officially not 'stamps' but replicas and the claimed 'gold content' is so microscopic that it's useless.

The only folks still believing they have some 'collectible' of 'value' are those guys directly (or via a deceased relative, indirectly) tricked into buying/owning such stuff. These then try to sell their items on eBay for a few bucks but in the end they have to give in to the bargain bins at philatelist meets where these 'treasures' are dumped for 50c a piece.

Simply put: a real stamp becomes rare and collectible by normal use, wear and tear. A gold sprayed replica created in the high ten-thousands and still freely available after thirty years is *not* rare and collectible - in fact it's not worth the paper it's printed on. Next to being barely legal anyway.

(Note to self: I really should finally write an essay on this matter and simply link up to it in posts ... makes it all a lot easier)

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