Austin Productions sculpture by David Fisher "a mothers love" question

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I recently acquired the sculpture a mothers love which is by the artist David Fisher, and I am trying to get an idea of the value. I did not pay anything close to the actual value when I purchased the item.

The item specifics:
Austin Productions
Artist: David Fisher
Title: A mothers love
Year: 1988
AP 3497

I am just wondering if anyone with knowledge of Austin Productions could give me a general idea of value. I am looking to possibly schedule it under my home policy.

Thank you!

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ana burton

Do you have any way of getting any other Austin Production sculptures? I am looking for the one called togetherness? It's a women holding a baby. please email me at <email>

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John Brubaker

I have recently purchased a Austin Sculpture by David with a full length mother caressing a little baby to her on a base. The sculpture and the base are one piece. The mother and child are an off-white and the base is black and says Austing Sculpture and in the corner says David. Maybe it's what you are looking for. I can send photos of the item if you are interested before I put it up for sale on craigslist. How do I reach you or you reach me?

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Fisher's sculpture "A mother of love" under category name : mother and children retails at $370. This can be accessed at eBay. They have fine pieces there.

Item location:
Bartlett, TN, United States

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Togetherness sculpture

are you still looking for the togetherness sculpture? I have

one I will sell.

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Michelle M.

Hello ana burton my name is michelle momen and i have the sculture called togetherness. I will take a pic of it and send it to u today. I know its the one ur looking for because it says togetherness on the base. Its beautiful and im willing to sell it to u, so please contact my email if ur interested. I will send u pics form there. Thanx

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carry mary

I have the same sculpture and have found it online priced between 320.00 and 385.00.

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For those selling, please post your pictures of Austin Sculptures here and register with the site as personal information cannot be posted on the forum boards.

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MidWest mom

FOR SALE David Fisher's "A Mother's Love" (1988, Austin Productions) on eBay, with a listing of $275.

This sculpture measures approximately 28" tall, 11" wide, and 7.5" deep. It is on a black enameled hollow wooden base that measures about 11" x 7" x 1.5". The bottom of the base is covered in felt. The sculpture weighs about 29 lbs. 9 oz.

This is a beautiful sculpture. It would benefit from a cleaning, which I've been afraid to do, but this stunning piece will enhance your living space as is.

Condition: There are a few important points to note about condition. I've tried to show these in the last five photos.
1. There is a hairline crack in the finish of the neck of the top child. (photo 8)
2. There is a long hairline crack in the finish of the back (photo 9) and neck (photo 10) of the lower child. This crack runs from the back to around the neck.
3. There is rub to the finish on the fingers of the mother. (photo 11)
4. There is rub to the finish on the chest of the lower child. (photo 12)

Also, I'm assuming that the black specks on my sculpture are original. If you have information to the contrary, please let me know so I can adjust the selling price. Thank you!

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I am looking to replace four David Fisher Austin sculptures that I lost in a horrible house fire a few months ago. ( We also lost our pets and EVERY SINGLE THING we owned.)
These were special possessions, given to me by my husband upon the births of each of our children. I miss them terribly!

I am looking for:

A Mother's Love


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I'm sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what that feels like.

I'm selling A Mother's Love on eBay, for $179 + shipping. It's priced lower than most because of minor cosmetic issues, which you can read about in the ebay listing ("A Mother's Love" Sculpture, 1988 by David Fisher, Austin Productions). I don't know if you can cut and paste the link to use it, but if so, here it is.

If you're in the Midwest and are interested in driving to Indianapolis, you can save on shipping cost, which'll be sizeable.

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I am interested in the mothers love sculpture.

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Thanks for your interest. I do still have this. Due to complexities in my life over the last couple of years, I've not made much of an effort to sell it and have kept it in the dining room. However, so that you can have the information, I've relisted it on CraigsList. I am happy to answer any questions that you have.
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Ana b

My husband bought me this statue 20 years ago.
I think it was a couple hundred back then

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