Augustus Rex mark?

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Is this the Augustus Rex Meissen mark from 1710? After some research, i found that it looks like it is, but i'm just curious of if its the real thing. The figurine also have "mauis" on the back, which i don't know what that means, and what do you think the value of this is? Thanks in advance.

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The back stamp AR stands for Augustus Rex. This was one of the early initials for Meissen porcelain. Other initials aside from AR are MPM, KPM and KPF. In theory the Meissen AR mark should have been discontinued after August II died in 1733.

It was in 1717 when blue glaze was found and used in Meissen porcelain and figurines.

On Ebay the prices for such range from below $20 to more than $100.

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Guest (RedJack)

Not Meissen and probably of French origin.

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