Accurate Casting Company Inc.

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I bought a lamp at a garage sale - very large, bronze casting I believe, Moroccan in style, marking is American 45 Casting Company Inc. Does anyone have any info on this company or at least what materials they used (bronze) and the general time range they were in biz? This lamp has marble, a blue cut crystal ball and cherub for the base. Stands about 3 feet tall with 3 arms off of it with filigreed cast covers. Any info? Thanks!

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Hello nx21234, you can find more information about the Accurate Casting Company in this :

thread on our forum.

I hope this helps.

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mmmmiiiilllkkkk man

hi my email is
<email> my name is mike and
i was wondering if you found anything out about your lamp with the marble base and blue crystal with the cherobs. my girlfriends mother is thinking about letting hers go at her garage sale and im tryin to see how much they go for or what there worth?? she wants to know b4 shell sell them and i just started hunting for them

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I didn't find anything about the lamp - all the ones I saw online didn't resemble mine. I eventually sold it at a garage sale for $20 (which is what I paid for it). I'm sure if you've got the right buyer, you would get more, but I just wanted to get rid of it due to its size.

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ok thanks yeah ive beeen on here for a few hrs now and i cant find the same ones anywhere
figured out how to do the pics now so heres a ppic of it if anyone can recognise it


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