45 record of jfk inaugural speech

5 years ago #1
A Memorial Record

I have a 45 rpm record of JFK of the highlights from his NOMINATION ACCEPTANCE
SPEECH and the INAUGURAL ADDRESS and THE OATH OFFICE. The company is Golden Record that produced it. There are no scratches on either side. We are curious if it is worth anything.


5 years ago #2

Hi Kev,

EBay is the best way to value collectibles, because it shows the true price of the item at market in an auction environment (basically, it answers the question "what would someone actually be willing to pay for this item?" as opposed to "how much is someone willing to tell me it's worth?"). Here is a link to an EBay auction for the record you are describing (I have the same record). http://cgi.ebay.com/VOICE-PRESIDENT-JOHN-F-KENNEDY-GOLDEN-RECORDS-45-RPM-/150370574993 It looks like depending on condition, you can pick up a copy of the record for anything in the $14 to $25-ish range. MAYBE $30 if it's pretty mint. My guess is that a lot of these records were pressed. A neat piece of history!

10 months ago #3

Me and my wife happened to find one in a box at an old antique store in Arkansas. The owner had no idea the cost and I offered $4, he took the offer. The sleeve isn't the best but you can still read and see everything just fine. It also play very well.

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