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What is the most valuable baseball card? by Marra M
The Gretsky 1909- 1911 ATC T206 Honus Wagner baseball card is the most valuable sports trading card. The last time it was sold (in 2007) it was bought for $2.8 million by an anonymous buyer who turned out to be Ken Kendrick who is the owner of ...
There was NO person named "C. Jere" by MCRobert
Birds In Flight
After finding a signed 'Birds In Flight' by C. Jere at auction over the weekend I was researching the designer and the company that produced all those Mid-Century Modern metal and rock pieces that hung over so many fireplaces during the 1950's-60's ...
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Waiting for some new and interesting finds ;)
by jade - 1 day ago
I have a mirror that might be a Venetian mirror but Im not sure. Its 32 inches from the bottom to top and 50 inches from side to side.It has guaranteed to be genuine electroplated copper ...
by Jason - 47 minutes ago
What is the value of an Ariesto clown painting on canvas signed?
by JMullen - 4 hours ago
Hi, does anyone know how much this bed pan is worth. It's stamped Sadler made in Staffordshire England, is in vgc. Please see photos.and ...
by griffgod - 12 hours ago
i have a dish shaped liked a cabbage or lettuce leaf has tomato on it as well no printed mark on back only imprinted with No 6 271 I am in Australia I would like some value or info on dish ...
by Guest - 12 hours ago
how do i know the value and date range of James Kent LTD Longton Made in England "Rosalynds"
by Guest - 12 hours ago
Which porcelain, now identified with the mark of a crown over crossed Ds, was produced in the following locations: King Street, Nottingham Road, Osmaston Road When was it produced in each ...
by Vale - 15 hours ago

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