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How can I tell if my 1929 federal reserve $100 note from Cleveland, Ohio is real? by Marra M
Here are some signs to know if these are genuine. The serial number begins with the letter D. Each bill has four black Ds stamped into it. This will tell you that the note is from the Cleveland district. All of the 1929 bills are signed by ...
Hummel knockoffs by Erich Stauffer and Arnart Creations by Marra M
There are many porcelain figurines, such as the one pictured above, that are not real Hummels but are actually knockoffs by Arnart Creations. These figurines were made in Japan and were designed by the German artist Erich Stauffer. Hummel ...
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Hi there :) Can you please attach clear photos of this plate here? Please don't forget to attach close up photos of the Arzberg backstamps as well. Thanks!
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
Hi there :) Can you please attach clear photos of this Austin sculpture woman's head/bust that you are referring to? It could be any of these ...
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
Hi there Mark :) I have replied to this same message that you have posted and here is a link to my reply www.artifactcollectors.com/gilt/bronze-metal-detecting-find-95154.html#95155
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
Hi there Mark :) That looks like a wall plaque of some sort. Since its that old and with constant wear and tear damage plus there's no makers' mark it is hard to identify its exact ...
by Marra M - 2 hours ago
That your set was made by the Kahla porcelain factory between 1925 and 1932.
by FS - 6 hours ago
I want a phone number so i can get another box and certificate of the. the 1989 to 1991 24 siver 50 dollr proofs. coins99.9 can you help me? my girl friend destroyed. the box and ...
by Guestmark - 6 hours ago
I found your plate on this <email> /webquote/SLMPEPOI.htm I also have a platter with the exact same mark, but a different pattern. I'm still researching, but I suspect it ...
by Jeannette - 7 hours ago
I just need Michigan Alabama Missouri and Maine as those four got damaged also need notebook as that was damaged as well
by Guest - 8 hours ago
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