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How much are your old coins and bank notes worth? by Vale
Are you a numismatist? Do you have more than a handful of old or foreign coins sitting in your piggy bank? Collecting rare money is both a hobby as well as a lucrative business, if you know what you're doing. Here are a few things to remember ...
Johann Haviland "Modell" by Raymond Loewy china set by Vale
Credit for this post goes to FS. Background 'Modell' is no pattern or mold description but belongs into context as "Modell Raymond Loewy", which stands for 'design(ed) by Raymond Loewy'. As so often with German porcelain, the pattern is not ...
Mayan Headdresses by Marra M

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Is this Worth any money
by Malgorzata - 1 hour ago
I have a green 1971 L & LWMC lamp that came from my mother-in-law but I can't find anything about it. Does anyone know what kind of lamp this is or the value of it. I've attached photos any ...
by Ash0813 - 1 hour ago
I'm curious about 3 pieces of Adderley pottery I have only because I cannot find this pattern anywhere. Mark indicates pattern was produced between 1912-1926 I think its really pretty but ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
we live in Dallas and have quite a few commemorative unused stamps where can we sell them
by Edward E - 2 hours ago
I would like to purchase the 6 pc set of anyone is intrested in selling.
by Guest - 3 hours ago
I'm looking for this set as well if you have any information could you please forward it to me. I just found this under a pillar candle & its a BEAUTIFUL plate & would like a complete set ...
by Debbie - 4 hours ago
What is a halcolite co inc electric fixture issue no.b-88,139 worth
by Guest - 5 hours ago

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