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How much is a $1 silver certificate worth? by Marra M
1957B $1 silver certificate. Image posted by a guest $1 Silver Certificates, also called Blue Seal Certificates, were first issued in 1886. However, bills printed before 1928 were larger than modern currency and are not covered in this blog ...
How much is a V.Carranza $100 coin worth? by Marra M
History of the coin These coins are usually made of aluminum bronze alloy and weigh 11.8 grams and measure 26.63 millimeters in diameter. These coins were issued from 1984 until 1992. As of 2014, they are no longer considered as legal tender. ...
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Wondered what the April 4, 2002 complete collection in black binder is valued at today.
by Guest - 54 minutes ago
Walcott paintings , please tell me that I have the right name , like I said in my first message , I saw this fine piece of art and Gravitatem took over me please don't ask me why I have no ...
by z3atar - 3 hours ago
I was intrigued by this painting , I have no idea why , so I bought it anyway , please tell me I have picked up the right artist Walcutt
by z3atar - 10 hours ago
Pal Puppy Toy 🐶 Made in Japan What is the Value ? www.artifactcollectors.com/images/fbfiles/im
by chenshihchun - 11 hours ago
Anyone know anything about Sone China pattern 1681?? I just cannot find anything at all about it, would love to know what year it was made, etc....
by Just-me - 13 hours ago
I am wondering how much my china is worth. Seltmann Weider Bavaria W. Germany. Also, have 3 round serving bowls, an oval serving bowl, and a serving dish, cream and sugar. The pieces are ...
by Guest - 14 hours ago
brought this at garage sale yesterday. any info would be appreciated.has old sticker on back can't read. who made this? h
by Guest - 15 hours ago
Is takito china tk-173 valuable? I have an opportunity to purchase an incomplete set very cheap and would like to know if I can turn it over for a profit
by Guest - 19 hours ago
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