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National Potteries Corporation (Napco) by marveldcollector
National Potteries Corporation, also known as the shortened version, 'Napco' (I am sure you must have heard about "Napco Fine China", "Napcoware" or "Napco China") was located in Bedford, Ohio. The company began production in 1938. Napco mostly produced ceramics, but also manufactured some glass wares, with unique designs. The company also imported and then distributed ceramic wares around the ...

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I have a set of 6 china cups featuring different breeds of dogs, made by Schumann Arzberg, with the stamp on the bottom indicating so, along with the makers mark number 52. Can you tell me ...
by Jolie - 6 minutes ago
I found a pair of gorgeous matching lamps with "Crest Co-Chicago" on them. I have been searching the internet for information on the company, but haven't had any luck. Anyone have any ...
by char - 1 hour ago
Thank you for replying, The crown is different they had said volkstedt when I bought it but it did not quite match so I was not sure?
by Anastajia - 3 hours ago
I have a paint name LA coqueta please find attached picture I need to know if have any value
by baese made in Greece 24 ... - 3 hours ago
Hello TreasureFinder :) I suggest that you visit this other site that deals with Antique Furniture collecting. Here is a link to it: ...
by Marra M - 5 hours ago
Hello :) Here are the prices for similar Greek vases posted online. www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sop=3&_nkw=hand+made+greece+24&_frs=1 The 24 K Gold means gold plated;)
by Marra M - 9 hours ago
Hi there Mithcc I would surely appreciate it if you will leave me a positive profile feedback by clicking on the green icon (thumbs up sign) just below my name ;) Thanks!
by Marra M - 9 hours ago
Hi Jade Great topic:) One of the most common reasons is change of company ownership. For aesthetic reasons like improvement of the logo etc. Because it outlive its usefulness.
by Marra M - 10 hours ago
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