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How much is a $1 silver certificate worth? by Marra M
1957B $1 silver certificate. Image posted by a guest $1 Silver Certificates, also called Blue Seal Certificates, were first issued in 1886. However, bills printed before 1928 were larger than modern currency and are not covered in this blog ...
How much is a V.Carranza $100 coin worth? by Marra M
History of the coin These coins are usually made of aluminum bronze alloy and weigh 11.8 grams and measure 26.63 millimeters in diameter. These coins were issued from 1984 until 1992. As of 2014, they are no longer considered as legal tender. ...
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Ok Shane , we will be looking forward to these pics. Somebody who may need this info in the future might get a clue from it as well.
by Marra M - 7 minutes ago
Your welcome Sante56 :) Do keep us updated, God Bless!
by Marra M - 10 minutes ago
Hi there :) Can you please attach clear photos of this lamp here? Please don't forget to attach close up photos of any labels/backstamps as well. Thanks!
by Marra M - 12 minutes ago
Ok Jenny, we hope you will share to us future updates.:thumb-up: God Bless!
by Marra M - 12 minutes ago
Your welcome Bev :thumb-up: God Bless!
by Marra M - 16 minutes ago
Your welcome Tasitch :) There are actually Austin sculpture collectors that visit this site from time to time. There are actually some of them that wishes to buy to add to their ...
by Marra M - 17 minutes ago
Hi there Eunice :) I was able to find this link showing another sculpture made by the same artist I think ...
by Marra M - 19 minutes ago
Hi there :) The dates and name Jessie Strader however, according to facts this mark was used from 1939 until 1964 or 1965 ish. Here is a link to the backstamps and the info that validates ...
by Marra M - 36 minutes ago
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