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Hummel knockoffs by Erich Stauffer and Arnart Creations by Marra M
There are many porcelain figurines, such as the one pictured above, that are not real Hummels but are actually knockoffs by Arnart Creations. These figurines were made in Japan and were designed by the German artist Erich Stauffer. Hummel ...
What serial numbers can make a bill more valuable? by Marra M
Are you trying to find out if your dollars are collectible and have a higher than average value? Take a look at the serial number! Collectors are usually willing to pay extra for bills with one of the following: Low Serial Numbers - Any serial ...

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I stumbled onto this site searching online for information regarding a thrift shop purchase of my grandmother's. She's recruited me to sell some of her 'old stuff' and I'm pulling out a ...
by AngelaFay - 10 minutes ago
Yikes, I appear to have posted in the porcelain category. I'm not sure how to move it...any advice for a newcomer?
by AngelaFay - 20 minutes ago
What will be the value of the medal for the great war for civilisation 1914-1919
by Guest - 34 minutes ago
What will be the value of the medal for the great war for civilisation 1914-1919 www.artifactcollectors.com/i
by Guest - 46 minutes ago
a lovely large chinese grey celadon glazed bowl, the rim with loose underglaze blue brush strokes dates to late ming or early qing dynasty. beautiful quality finely made piece with glaze ...
by slipknot - 4 hours ago
I will send photos as soon as my camera batts are charged... (you were not aware of this qwirk in the collection albums were you? ha... To expand the difference: only Kentucky and Main ...
by Jerry Mackey - 4 hours ago
antique chinese qingbai celadon pot & cover. dates to song dynasty circa,906-1279. the glaze typically falling short of the foot. the cover shoulder & sides with molded foliate detail. good ...
by slipknot - 5 hours ago
said to be dresden marks for around circa, 1880-1910? very nice large vase floral pattern & rich gilding vase height 17 inches. good condition no damage. please ignore bright spots from the ...
by slipknot - 5 hours ago
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