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Johann Haviland "Modell" by Raymond Loewy china set by Vale
Credit for this post goes to FS. 'Modell' is no pattern or mold description but belongs into context as "Modell Raymond Loewy", which stands for 'design(ed) by Raymond Loewy'. As so often with German porcelain, the pattern is not 'named' but ...
Mayan Headdress Costume by Marra M
Mayan Headdress
Somebody ask me to talk about Mayan Headdress after creating a blog about Mayan Masks. It seems that there are a lot of people interested enough to get to know more about Mayan culture. The headdress in the first photo was simple when compared to ...
Brown Bomber Boxer by Marra M

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I have a gravy boat with a gold stripe on boat part, around handle and on top. It has 35-1
by Guest - 1 minute ago
I have this vase with margins of moore&c and h and a1 underneath and was wondering if you could tell me more
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
Trying to find out the artists name and hopefully the value of this PAINTING. http://www.artifactcollectors.com/images/fbfile
by Guest - 24 minutes ago
Hey, Thank you for the response Marra M. I tried once more to take a better picture but if this plus a little more information does not help I will try your suggestion on their official ...
by Joal - 40 minutes ago
Hi :) If it is in uncirculated and graded by an reputable grading organization it can be worth $115 Otherwise Severe wear- Face Value/ $1 Folds and creases- $1.24 Few folds and ...
by Marra M - 42 minutes ago
Your welcome Redrabbit3366 :) Do share this site with family and friends. Looking forward on seeing future posts from you. God Bless!
by Marra M - 45 minutes ago

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