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Real or Fake: Sevres porcelain by Marra M
An 'S' with the interlocking 'L's' is the official Sevres porcelain mark. However, this mark is commonly known for being imitated and, therefore, it is hard to know the difference between authentic Sevres pieces and those that are not. The ...
Real or Fake: Bronze by Vale
One way to tell if an item is real bronze is to first find a discreet part where it will not be noticed. Scratch the area slightly. It should look like brass after you scratch it. However, if it is poor man's bronze, it will look silver. Authentic ...
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i sent another email with pics of a cup and saucer from the set did you receive it? thanks. Nancy Casares
by nanccasares - 49 minutes ago
garbage?or worth something?says made in germany on the back. it had a pick(drawing) of my dad in it dated 1953 and this pick was behind it. ...
by ben - 54 minutes ago
Actually, just realized this is Chippendale Rose - not Moss Rose....:dry:
by Suz - 1 hour ago
I did some work for an elderly couple they told me it was in their family for many years and this was my payment.. I guess you can say we barter..
by Slik Screening - 3 hours ago
Ronald Regan 40th president of the united States 1911-2004 one ounce fine silver one silver dollar on back side says what I would like to do is go down in history as president that made ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago
Oh my. I didn't realize the time difference when I responded. Hope your day was wonderful then. 👍
by Teri Busardo - 3 hours ago
Thanks for the info, I just signed up. :-) Hopefully I did it right :-)
by Molly - 4 hours ago
Hi there Isobel :) You can also register for an account (which is free) so that members and visitors who are interested can contact you privately. Do post the photos on the Artifacts ...
by Marra M - 6 hours ago
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