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Hummel knockoffs by Erich Stauffer and Arnart Creations by Marra M
There are many porcelain figurines, such as the one pictured above, that are not real Hummels but are actually knockoffs by Arnart Creations. These figurines were made in Japan and were designed by the German artist Erich Stauffer. Hummel ...
What serial numbers can make a bill more valuable? by Marra M
Are you trying to find out if your dollars are collectible and have a higher than average value? Take a look at the serial number! Collectors are usually willing to pay extra for bills with one of the following: Low Serial Numbers - Any serial ...

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I am new to this site and am grateful for all of the information and resources available. I find things at yard/estate sales here in Oregon, USA and I look forward to selling/trading and ...
by Marie - 17 minutes ago
Plate depicting a cottage with a stream and copyright NB reserved written on the side. Does anyone know if this plate is worth anything.
by Val McGowan - 36 minutes ago
I just read information by Ketaros Before You Ask! I appreciate the helpful guidance. Marra, I took several pictures to put on this site to help all of you help us, camera has locked up ...
by Marie - 42 minutes ago
How much is a set of Rosenthal China circa 1967 worth? White w/ silver trim. Service for 12 with many extra pieces
by Rosenthal - 48 minutes ago
A value please on bowls, small about 3"across, shallow. Bottom is marked with Olde English Countryside, Made in England by Johnson Bros. one is stamped with a green F one is stamped with ...
by Marie - 58 minutes ago
Any information about a small (porcelain?) bowl, color is white, design is shells, shape is oval 5" long 4" across. Bottom stamp: Fermanagh Ireland Reg. no. 0857 Thanks for the assistance
by Marie - 1 hour ago
May He bless you too!
by Jonanddoobie - 3 hours ago
Is there resale value for Hummel yearly plates? My parents collected them while they lived in Germany so I have several years worth and don't really know what to do with them. Any comments ...
by Jonanddoobie - 4 hours ago
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