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Unsigned paintings by Marra M
I recently came across an article about present day artists who leave their work unsigned because it is a "trend" somewhere in Australia. However, placing a signature on the painting is important as it is the painter/artist's trademark and without this, the painting is like a product without a brand. In addition to this, it would be easy for another artist to claim the work as their own. To ...

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Hi everyone,We have got a DMCA notice regarding copied content on our sites. The content was a reply on the forums. Needless to say we took it down.I would like to request from all of you ...
by admin - 8 hours ago
Looking for Minton Rose China teapot and creamer. Here is what the pattern looks like.
by Michelle - 1 hour ago
I need help identifying this statue it seems like either bronze or brass, height is about 8inches and width about 4inches. Thanks
by ghostscorpio - 1 hour ago
We received this old teapot from my aunt's estate. It's quite lovely and in excellent shape. I can't, though, find any similar patterns out in internet-land. Is there anyone that can ...
by Mr. Rich - 1 hour ago
I have a Marbro lamp (M-8551), in excellent condition. Glass body is a goldish green.
by Guest - 2 hours ago
I have a collection of chevron toy cars still in boxes and would like to know if they are worth anything
by Holly Hatchback - 2 hours ago
I have Sam Sedan/Wendy Wagon Holly Hatchback CC Boat N Trailer/ and more
by Holly Hatchback - 2 hours ago
Please give me an approximate valuation on a 18 piece tea set, 6 tea plates, 6 saucers and 6 cups. I have enclosed photos. thank you Nigel Morgan. ...
by Nigel Morgan - 3 hours ago
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