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Hummel knockoffs by Erich Stauffer and Arnart Creations by Marra M
There are many porcelain figurines, such as the one pictured above, that are not real Hummels but are actually knockoffs by Arnart Creations. These figurines were made in Japan and were designed by the German artist Erich Stauffer. Hummel ...
What serial numbers can make a bill more valuable? by Marra M
Are you trying to find out if your dollars are collectible and have a higher than average value? Take a look at the serial number! Collectors are usually willing to pay extra for bills with one of the following: Low Serial Numbers - Any serial ...

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Are you able to give me a ballpark figure on this Burnett?
by Burnett - 2 hours ago
I understand she painted only in Paris, I have one of her works. I seem to have trouble putting the pic on this page. Sorry I had to use flash. If no pic, info on it 214 by 170 Etsy.com ...
by Burnett - 3 hours ago
My husband found this Vargas clown painting in a shed at an estate sale. It is mesmerizing. We fell in love and have been looking for information on the art and artist, but have been ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago
Thanks so much for the insight! :)
by joco - 3 hours ago
Hi there Bilinda :) Welcome to My Antique Furniture Collection , thanks for joining this community as a new member :thumb-up: You can try browsing through eBay, Worthpoint websites ...
by Marra M - 4 hours ago
Your welcome Daniel :) Always glad to help :thumb-up: God Bless!
by Marra M - 4 hours ago
Hi Peter :) There might be an issue about shipment charges. Remember your table is heavy. I suggest that you sell this locally. You can ask the buyer if he or she can meet you halfway, ...
by Marra M - 4 hours ago
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