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Conterfeit Edward C. Harwood silver coins by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Dave. The silver "1 ounce" Edward C Harwood coin which I own is marked deceptively. The bottom of the obverse side of the coin mark states "CONTAINS ONE OUNCE OF PURE SILVER". It weighs slightly over 34 grams, but ...
How can I tell if my 1929 federal reserve $100 note from Cleveland, Ohio is real? by Marra M
Here are some signs to know if these are genuine. The serial number begins with the letter D. Each bill has four black Ds stamped into it. This will tell you that the note is from the Cleveland district. All of the 1929 bills are signed by ...

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Sites such as eBay, mercari would fetch you around 500$. On a good day for sellers auctions could fetch you around 1000$. Sold over the counter at an antique showroom could be priced at ...
by sanjay - 5 hours ago
how much is 1957 one dollar worth?
by Guest - 6 hours ago
I am also looking for the Austin Production sculpture "Generations". I really would appreciate some help getting in contact with someone who has one in great condition. Thanks!
by mcacr - 7 hours ago
#DIEGOVOCI MASTERWORK A FAMILY AFFAIR Feast your eyes upon execution of an exquisite true masterwork by internationally collected figurative artist Diego Voci (1920-1985). The ...
by Lcamargo - 7 hours ago
Here's just a sample of some of the stuff I have. Plates, figurines, dishes, dolls. Let me know what you think. h
by Tammy - 7 hours ago
Hello I came across a Bavaria Ebectal Qlatitats #1463 #81 vase. All I can find is it is the Bird and Thistle pattern. I have seen other spellings like Eberthal but I can't seem to find out ...
by Bonnie - 8 hours ago
Hi Maria, The artist's name is Gladys Duckworth; she painted under the moniker "Verne of Laguna Beach" and sold hundreds of miniatures. ...
by K Grode - 8 hours ago
I have the 1st 19 chevron cars I'm interested in selling. I noted the missing 2. Took list off Wikipedia. Sue ...
by Sue - 9 hours ago
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