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Cameos in Shell by Villasuso
Cameo is a method of carving an object. It is very old, I might say, since humans started painting caves also experimented with this kind of sculpture. Seems pretty obvious to me. But cameos using shells are recorded during the Renaissance: Centuries 15th and 16th. There is a lot more in wiki about this, where it is mentioned that there was a peak of demand for carved shells around 1850. After ...
My Collection of Boxes by Villasuso

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by admin - 19 hours ago
My full 12 place settings plus serving dishes candle aubras coffee and tea pot were bought by my grandmother 1950/60s. They are blush pink and pale green color with lion pic on backs. I'm ...
by marilyn - 7 minutes ago
Hi Ricardo :) I suggest that you take this to somebody who can verify its authenticity. They will test the paper, signature etc before these documents can be declared genuine. These ...
by Marra M - 57 minutes ago
Hi there :) To whom are you referring this question to? What you need to do is sign in and have an account. It is very easy and free. When you have an account you will be able to exchange ...
by Marra M - 1 hour ago
This looks Chinese, but I cannot tell from which century and the lines are too fine ( on the symbol). You can take a look at Chinese marks on the link below. ...
by marveldcollector - 2 hours ago
Can you post a photo of the vase here and let's know the measurements? also, I am sure there is more to the mark described. does it have a crown or just lettering?
by marveldcollector - 2 hours ago
This is a capodimonte inspired art from Arnart creations. This wall plaque will sell between $15 - $ 30. Hope this information helps.
by marveldcollector - 2 hours ago
If circulated it is worth the face value. In mint condition (never used) up to $8.
by marveldcollector - 2 hours ago
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